Can humans really never migrate to planets outside the solar system? You’ll see after reading it

Recently, the announcement of the Nobel Prize in 2019 has become a hot topic. Among the various Nobel prizes, the Nobel Prize in physics is still the most concerned, which can also be said to be the heavyweight prize in the Nobel Prize.

The reason why people pay so much attention to the Nobel Prize in physics is that with the help of science and technology, human beings have gone out of the earth and started to explore the universe, and the future of human beings is bound to develop rapidly towards the exploration of the universe. Therefore, in recent years, the topic of stars, planets and the universe has been mentioned by people, and more and more people begin to understand the development of the exploration of the universe.

Recently, Swiss astrophysicist Michel mayor, who has just won the Nobel Prize in physics, said that human beings will never migrate to planets outside the solar system. “If we’re talking about exoplanets, then it’s clear: we’re not going to move there,” he said

Mayor thinks that exoplanets are too far away for human beings. Even in a very optimistic situation, assuming that this habitable planet is not so far away, for example, only a few decades of light years, it can be said that it is nearby, but the time to go there is still unimaginable. It will take tens of thousands of years for human science and technology to get out of the solar system with a diameter of only about 2 light years. If you go to a planet dozens of light-years away, it may take hundreds of thousands of years. It is obvious that such a long time is impossible for immigration.

After mayor’s point of view was put forward, many people did not agree with it. If human beings are doomed to be unable to go out of the solar system, to explore and immigrate in extrasolar space, what is the significance of the development of human science and technology now? The ultimate goal of scientific and technological development of human civilization is to explore the mystery of the universe and the essence of all things in the universe.

But if you want to explore the mystery of the whole universe, you must have the ability to travel all over the universe. However, many people may have misunderstood mayor’s view that humans will never migrate to planets outside the solar system. Mayor thinks that instead of trying to emigrate to the exoplanets, we should protect the earth. As long as we protect the earth well, we don’t need to emigrate to the exoplanets.

If the earth can be well protected all the time, will human beings not need to migrate outside the solar system? The answer is No. In fact, even if the future Earth can survive forever, with the rapid development of human civilization, the future Earth has been unable to meet the needs of human survival, such as population. The number of global population is increasing every year. The earth’s bearing capacity and resources are limited.

When the earth’s population increases to the limit that the earth can bear, human beings will have to emigrate to the outer planet. Mars is the first choice in the solar system, but Mars also needs a series of transformation to become a planet suitable for human survival. However, migration within the solar system is only a temporary measure. Before human beings are unable to get out of the solar system and carry out interstellar migration, we can only develop in the solar system.

So it’s really impossible to immigrate out of the solar system? Of course not. Thousands of years ago, if someone said going out of the earth, it was believed that it would never be possible at that time. However, thousands of years later, human beings have proved that flying to the sky can be realized, and it can also be realized out of the earth.

The situation facing mankind is similar to that of the ancients thousands of years ago. In the eyes of modern people, it is impossible to move out of the solar system and migrate to planets tens of light years, hundreds of light years and thousands of light years away. But in the future, all these are possible and must be realized.

The key for human beings to immigrate to the planets outside the solar system is the speed of the spacecraft. Without the advantage of speed, we can’t get out of the solar system. In ancient times, people thought that human beings could not walk out of the earth because of speed. In the eyes of the ancients, modern high-speed rail speed, aircraft speed and even rocket speed are as simple as miracles, which are unimaginable.

In the same way, in the current human cognition, light speed flight, super light speed flight, space jump and even wormhole shuttle are incredible and impossible. The reason is that according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of a mass can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. Since the speed of an object can’t even reach the speed of light, how can it fly faster than the speed of light?

If there is no speed of light, super speed of light, then exploring the universe will always be just a dream. We can never really uncover the mystery behind the universe with astronomical telescopes. Since the universe was born and human beings were born, was the universe born to give human beings an impossible dream? Let mankind never cross the universe, never reveal the ultimate mystery of the universe?

I believe it will not be like this. Since the universe can exist, no matter how vast and vast it is, it must be able to explore and realize at a super fast speed. This speed may be incomprehensible, unimaginable and completely contrary to scientific theory in the face of human science and technology. But in the face of future science and technology, they are reasonable and conform to the laws of science.

That’s science. It’s more powerful than we can imagine, and it never ends. In the face of science, there is no forever true theory and science that is right today, and it may be wrong in the future. Modern theories and things that are considered impossible may become reality in the future, such as superluminal flight and space jump.

In modern science, it takes us 25000 years to travel from the solar system to the center of the galaxy, even at the speed of light. However, in the future, it is possible that a spaceship can reach the center of the galaxy in a space jump, which may take only a few minutes. Is it incredible and unimaginable? For today’s technology and us, this is nonsense and against the laws of science. But in the future, can you guarantee that it will not be realized?

Therefore, science is rigorous and open at the same time. The achievements of human science and technology are often realized by the unimaginable thinking of great scientists like Newton and Einstein. Einstein conjectured the existence of black holes and gravitational waves through the theory of relativity. At that time, it seemed inconceivable and impossible, but now they have become reality. That’s the charm of science.

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