Can humans survive without the solar system? Three great scientists put forward the same point of view

There is a sky above our head and a piece of earth under our feet. For the land under our feet, human beings have beautiful feelings, because it breeds and nurtures human beings. Therefore, we call the earth mother, and for the sky above us, we also have different emotions. People in ancient times fantasized about what the vast starry sky is?

With the continuous development of human civilization, we have embarked on the road of science. With the help of science and technology, we have a preliminary understanding of the starry sky above us. And also in the middle and late last century out of the earth, from outside the earth to see the real earth, and also more truly see the vast universe.

In the human eye, the universe is dark, with only a few visible small light points. However, in the lens of the astronomical telescope, the universe is not black at all. On the contrary, it is very bright and beautiful, with countless stars covering the whole lens. So which is the real universe? In fact, they are all real universes. The difference is that the human visual field is narrow, while the astronomical telescope has a wider field of vision. It can see the farther and broader starry sky, and it can also “narrow” the starry sky to a very small range.

No matter what the real universe looks like, when human beings walk out of the earth, our expectation of the universe is even higher. Both scientists and ordinary people expect to travel all over the universe. Some people once put forward a conjecture about the view of the universe engraved in human genes from ancient times to the present: they thought that the origin of human beings was not in the earth, but in the depths of distant galaxies.

It is precisely because the earth is not the home of human beings, so from ancient times, human beings have been full of fantasy and look to the starry sky, want to go out of the earth and go to the depths of the starry sky. Is this conjecture correct? No matter what the origin of human beings is, we believe that as long as we are intelligent and civilized, we are almost the same. Therefore, there is no such direction at the genetic level.

Why do human beings want to walk out of the earth and solar system as soon as possible? In fact, it has nothing to do with whether there are genes in the guide. But with the continuous development of human science and technology, we gradually realize that the earth is equivalent to an isolated island that binds human beings. If we do not get out of the isolated island as soon as possible and go to the sea of stars, then human civilization will end on the earth sooner or later.

For the continuation of human civilization, we also need to go out of the earth, out of the solar system. In the history of human science, three great scientists have put forward the same view that human beings must go out of the solar system.

Nicholas Tesla, a great scientist with more than 1000 inventions, is known as “the man closest to God”. He seems to have noticed for a long time that he left an intriguing conjecture in his manuscript: the solar system may not be a natural product, but a man-made one.

Tesla’s conjecture is actually to tell us that the solar system is equivalent to a cage in which human beings may not see the real universe. All the physical laws and laws currently studied by human beings may only apply to the solar system. Only when we get out of the solar system can we see what the real universe looks like. It may be a scene that surprises us beyond the solar system.

Of course, these are just our guesses. What does that prediction of Nicolas Tesla mean? Perhaps only he knows, others’ answer is only a speculation and analysis through his words.

At the same time with Nikolay Tesla, there is another great scientist. He is Einstein as we all know. I believe everyone is familiar with Einstein. His mass energy equation and relativity have promoted the rapid development of human civilization. He can be said to be the greatest scientist in modern times.

There are four basic forces in the universe. If these four basic forces can be unified, then human civilization will achieve a great leap, so many scientists are committed to the research and exploration of the grand unification theory. In his later years, Einstein also focused on the grand unified theory, but until his death, he failed.

Einstein once lamented: the mass energy equation I have established may be trapped by the solar system. I don’t know if it is also applicable to places outside the solar system. Through this feeling, we can see that Einstein also questioned the existence of the solar system. Maybe Einstein found something incredible in the process of studying the grand unification theory.

Finally, Stephen William Hawking, known as the “king of the universe”, is a great modern scientist. Although he did not put forward implicit views like Tesla and Einstein, Hawking urged human beings to leave the earth and the solar system as soon as possible in many lectures. Only in this way can human beings continue.

Why do the three great scientists think that human beings have to leave the solar system to survive? Is there any disaster waiting for us in the solar system? In the eyes of many people, scientists urge human beings to leave the solar system as soon as possible. They may have found out what disasters are waiting for us in the solar system. Only by leaving can we be safe.

So is that really the case? Actually, we don’t have to guess what’s going on in the solar system? Only when human beings leave the solar system can they continue. Even if there is no disaster waiting for us in the whole solar system, the earlier we leave the solar system, there will be many benefits for human beings. So why did humans leave the solar system? In fact, it is mainly resources and insight.

Resources are the foundation and core of the development of scientific and technological civilization. Without resources, everything is empty talk. With the continuous progress of human science and technology, our demand for resources will also be growing. In order to become a first-class civilization, human beings need to consume the resources of the whole earth, and crossing from the first-class civilization to the second-class civilization will also consume most of the energy of the solar system.

If human beings do not leave the solar system, the level of human civilization will stop at level 2. With the depletion of solar system resources, human beings will be trapped in the solar system forever, waiting for the end of fate, and finally becoming a passer-by of history. Therefore, to continue human civilization, we must go out of the solar system.

And there is another reason for human beings to go out of the solar system, that is, to increase their knowledge, to read thousands of books, to travel thousands of miles, and to read more books. If they do not go out to practice and increase their knowledge, they will only be a nerd and will not become a wise man. The same is true of the development of civilization. Scientists have put forward many scientific theories. Are these scientific theories correct? We need to explore and practice constantly.

Only when we really go to the interstellar space and observe the universe in the continuous interstellar travel can we verify the original theories one by one and promote the progress and development of human civilization faster. And after going out of the solar system and going to the interstellar, we may come into contact with alien civilizations.

Although there are certain risks in the contact between different civilizations, it is undeniable that the contact between different civilizations can quickly enrich human science and technology tree and make our science and technology develop rapidly. If we contact and communicate with a high-level civilization, it is possible for human science and technology to soar, saving tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years of development time.

From this we can see that no matter from which aspect, it is the right way for human beings to go out of the earth and the solar system. The opportunities and future of human beings lie outside the solar system, not in a small solar system. Only when we move towards the sea of stars as soon as possible, can we go faster and further.

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