Can man always be at the top of the earth? Scientist: be wary of these two creatures

Our earth has been 4.6 billion years old. According to the research of scientists, during its “growth” period, it has experienced five large-scale extinction events and countless small-scale extinction events. Although the earth is our planet, it is always in danger. No one knows when the next catastrophe will happen.

Human beings are the “masters” of the earth. At the same time, it is not too much to say that human beings are the natural enemies of all living things on the earth. Because we have intelligent minds and hands that can make tools. With these, we have created all kinds of miracles again and again.

With the continuous improvement of human living standards, a variety of activities are more frequent, the earth’s home began to be destroyed.


There are many microorganisms in nature, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and some small protozoa and other biological groups. They are small, closely related to human beings, and have a great influence.

Virus is a special organism without cell structure. They are very simple in structure and consist of protein coat and internal genetic material. Viruses can not survive independently, they must live in the cells of other organisms. Once they leave the living cell shell, they will not show any signs of life activities.

Viruses can be called the oldest organisms on the earth. They have gone through billions of years and are still able to survive. It can be seen that the vitality of viruses is very strong.

The ancient viruses that have been frozen for tens of millions of years under the permafrost ice are still alive, but now due to the greenhouse effect and global warming, if the permafrost really melts, they may revive. If human beings disappear, it may be the master of the earth.


In addition to the virus, we need to be alert to another creature, which is octopus. Octopus is very common in our life, such as octopus balls, fried octopus in soy sauce, octopus sashimi and so on. You may think it’s just a simple creature with tentacles and heads, but it’s not. They’re smart ghosts with three hearts and nine heads!

In addition, some people think that octopus is not a creature in our world. Some say it is an alien species, while others say it is a creature in a four-dimensional world.

Paul, a German octopus, predicted that the result of the German national football team was amazing. He could also open the bottle cap and hide to protect himself in case of danger. It can be seen that octopus also has the ability to think. Scientists also studied octopus. They found that octopus has more gene bases than human beings. It is a very ancient wisdom.

Octopus will build their own base in the ocean, and use coral and sand to build their own base. Therefore, if human beings disappear in the sixth mass extinction, octopus may become a new “master” of the earth.

Although at present, the development of human society and the rapid progress of science and technology, but we also need to have a sense of hardship, in the continuous development, we also need to protect the beautiful home of the earth, even if we find a second home in the universe in the future, realize the interstellar migration, never give up the earth.

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