Can man dig through the earth? The deepest excavation can only be more than 10000 meters. How many problems are there?

Intelligent human beings are the masters of the earth. When human beings use their wisdom to solve different problems and even fly into space, some science lovers may have imagined that one day people can go to the center of the earth to have a look.

In fact, it’s not that scientists have never thought about this. The former Russia once created the famous Kola ultra deep drilling, and the ultimate goal initially set was to reach the center of the earth! However, at the time of more than 10000 meters, the special drill could not withstand the high temperature of 200 degrees. The drilling project was once forced to suspend, and only continued to drill more than 100 meters after it was restarted the next year. The highest temperature of the earth’s core can reach 5000 degrees, which is dozens of times higher than the temperature that the drill bit of kola drilling can bear. However, people have not yet found such high temperature resistant materials that can be made into drilling bits to enter the earth’s core.

Let’s take a look at the structure chart of the earth. We all know that the earth is a sphere, and the average radius of the earth is more than 6300 kilometers. If we want to dig through the earth, it will take a long distance to dig at least to the center of the earth, and the earth’s crust is 33 kilometers thick. Even if people find materials that can withstand high temperature, they can successfully cross the crust and dig into the mantle, and under the mantle is the outer core of the earth, FIG We can see that the outer core is composed of hot liquid magma. Once we dig the earth to leak liquid, the magma will spray to the surface of the earth from the loophole, just like today’s active volcanoes. If we don’t dig, there will be the danger of magma ejecting from the ground at any time. Assuming that when people really dig into the mantle, it’s not difficult to imagine that the earth will instantly burn and explode and quickly reach the end. According to physics, even if the earth doesn’t explode and burn, a sealed ball with a hole should be like a leaking ball. The earth’s original regular rotation will be broken. If the earth really deviates from its orbit, human beings may follow the earth and fly into the universe, or they may become meteors. They don’t know where they fall.

The earth provides a living environment for human beings, so people often call the earth mother in poetry, and it seems that it is not a very wise thing for human beings to dig through the earth under their feet! So don’t say we don’t have the ability now, even if one day technology developed to have this ability, no one will be silly to make a hole under their feet, right?

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