Can man dig through the earth three feet?

Human beings can explore Mars, the moon, and various planets outside the solar system through upward exploration. However, although human science and technology have developed very fast, we are still very difficult to deal with underground things. For example, we are still unable to drill into the interior of the earth and observe the structure of the earth directly.

News in the last century pointed out that American scientists want to drill down to the earth until they reach the Moho, which is about 20 kilometers below the continental crust. Because there are two kinds of crust, one is marine crust, and the other is terrestrial crust. At that time, it was just for the convenience of research. People hoped to drill down four to five thousand meters through the marine crust to achieve the research of Moho. However, during the implementation of this plan for a period of time, the United States stopped this project soon because it took too much time, energy and financial resources Row.

At that time, many experts had a very big problem, that is, how to ensure that the probe hole is very straight when drilling in the earth’s interior – after all, people all know that the earth is an irregular ellipse, and it is also opaque, so there is no way to know whether the entry hole is vertical or curved, and passes through the previous hole In the experiment, the scientists found that many of the holes they had worked so hard had been scrapped in a few months because they were all tilted.

In addition, with the distance from the ground getting farther and farther, the density of the world below is becoming harder and harder, which means that all kinds of drills are easy to break down. In fact, it will take a lot of time to replace the drill once and for all. At the same time, if we get to the deeper ground, people will find that the temperature is too high – about 400 degrees higher than the ground temperature, so the temperature of the drill is too high It’s easier to be bad, and people take longer.

But when the project stopped, the depth difference was about 12262 meters. This project is called the Kola pit. At the same time, according to the research of the scientists, the Kola pit did not reach the established depth at all, so the scientists gave up the continuous exploration. First of all, it was because of the problem of funds. After all, the capital investment of the earth drilling project was very huge, and the return ratio was also small. At that time, all countries had no financial ability to make the project continue continue.

In the research project of kola pit, we have obtained very favorable data. According to the metal detector, there are many gold mines, but the cost of mining gold is too high. No one, or a country, can think of these gold mines. At the same time, the temperature in the innermost part of the earth is about 4000 degrees, which means that any steel drill that exists today will melt, so that human beings have no tools To explore here. If someone says that it can make a very good drill bit, but because the earth’s internal material is liquid, there is no way to completely control the liquid, so the liquid will be replenished here at any time.

In addition, scientists speculate that the material inside the earth is not a solid object, but a kind of volcanic lava like material. Therefore, it means that if a human made a drill can drill through the earth, but because the earth’s interior is fluid, it can’t really drill through the earth.

In addition, there are even more terrible things. Everything has pressure, so the pressure of the earth is extremely high. At the same time, we just mentioned that the temperature inside the earth is high enough, so maybe they can really drill through the earth. Because of high temperature and high pressure, the earth may be like a bomb, so all places will become volcanoes.

Although human beings can’t see the interior of the earth directly without the earth, now with the development of science and technology, human beings can finally have a further understanding of the underground world, such as seismic waves.

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