Can Mars migration be realized? NASA has begun planning that the first astronauts will go to Mars in 2024

In recent years, scientists have spent a lot of time and energy to study Mars, and launched about 30 Mars probes, which shows how strong our vision of Mars is. Moreover, many people believe that Mars is the “next earth” for mankind. Although Mars is located in the habitable zone, from the information sent back by the probe, we all know that the environment of Mars is extremely bad, so why is it still given people hope?

The earth’s resources are constantly consumed, and many fossil resources will be gone when they are used up. Therefore, if human beings want to extend their civilization, they must find another planet that can replace the earth from the vast universe.

Among the eight planets in the solar system, Venus and Mars are the closest to the earth. In these two planets, scientists pay more attention to Mars. Mars and the earth are similar in some places. For example, Mars rotates 24 hours and 37 minutes a week, which is very similar to the earth. Therefore, human beings need not worry about the biological clock. There are obvious changes in the four seasons on Mars. With these changes, there will be more hope for the survival of animals and plants.

Distance can be broken, but the Martian environment has always been a serious problem. As we all know, the reason why animals and plants can survive on the earth is that the earth has sufficient liquid water, suitable temperature and atmosphere. For other planets in the universe, it is difficult to find an environment similar to the earth.

Therefore, many scientists have put forward plans to transform Mars. They believe that as long as a comfortable biosphere can be built on Mars, human beings can move there. Moreover, scientists have also found that there used to be liquid water on Mars, and there are a lot of dry ice in the north and south poles of Mars.

Some time ago, it was reported that after scientists mixed the urine of astronauts with the soil brought back from the moon, they found that the mixture was a concrete like substance with certain firmness. You know, it’s very difficult for us to build bases on other planets. The cost of material transportation is very high and difficult, so if we can get local materials, it’s the best. Since the soil on the moon is available, what about the soil on Mars?

So far, due to limited technology, we have not been able to obtain soil samples from Mars. NASA said that in the next few years, it will officially obtain Martian soil samples for in-depth research, so as to prepare for human entering Mars.

However, the issue of whether to bring back Mars samples is still controversial. Some people think that if we introduce materials from other planets in this way, it is likely to bring unknown viruses or mutated organisms to the earth, because similar plots can often be seen in science fiction movies.

However, some people think that only by bringing Mars samples back to earth can scientists have a deep understanding of Mars. Perhaps the sudden appearance of Mars is the breakthrough of all problems.

In 2017, NASA said that it would realize Mars migration in seven years and send the first group of astronauts to live on Mars. When they get to Mars, they need to build a base where they can live, a closed and complete ecosystem, just like in the science fiction movie Mars rescue.

We have to admit that this plan is crazy and advanced. But Mars migration is a very important thing. If it is successful, it will make a great contribution to all mankind. So let’s wait and see the Mars migration plan in 2024!

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