Can Mars “restore” the atmosphere? Scientists want to transform Mars into a second earth

In the past hundred years, science and technology have developed rapidly, but behind this, it is the destruction of the earth’s ecological environment in exchange for the continuous cutting of trees, the continuous exploitation of energy, and the continuous discharge of waste gas

Therefore, human beings urgently need to find a new planet suitable for survival. But ultimately, because of science and technology, human eyes can only focus on the solar system, and according to the current research of scientists, only Mars is more suitable for interstellar migration.

This is because Mars and the earth are closest, and there are many similarities.

Similarity 1: the earth has four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, because it has an axis of rotation, with an inclination of 23.5 ° to the ecliptic, while Mars also has an inclination of 25.2 ° to the ecliptic;

The second similarity: the rotation of the earth is 24 hours, while the rotation of Mars is 24.66 hours, so the difference between the day and night of Mars and the earth is almost the same. Even if human beings migrate in the past, they will not have too much discomfort;

Similarity 3: the earth and Mars have an atmosphere, but the earth’s atmosphere is mainly composed of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other gases, while the Martian atmosphere is mainly composed of carbon dioxide, and the atmosphere is also very thin;

Similarity 4: there are a large number of liquid water bodies on earth, such as rivers, lakes and seas. In addition, Mars has also developed rivers, lakes and oceans in history. What’s more, scientists have found that there are still many water ice on Mars.

According to research, Mars 3.8 billion years ago, like our earth, was a planet full of liquid water, but we don’t know when Mars will lose its magnetic field to protect its atmosphere. In this way, the originally dense atmosphere of Mars was slowly taken away by the solar wind. After hundreds of millions of years, Mars became very desolate and dry, no longer suitable for living.

Therefore, some scientists think that if we can make Mars regain its magnetic field and build a new atmosphere, is it possible for Mars to live again?

At present, after many years of discussion by scientists, there are two more suitable and feasible schemes.

The first is to build an artificial magnetic field through a satellite, which will cover the whole Mars, so that Mars will not be affected by solar wind and radiation.

Another plan is to plant plants on Mars, so that plants on earth can adapt to the Martian environment, and then slowly convert the carbon dioxide in the Martian atmosphere into oxygen through photosynthesis, changing the Martian atmospheric environment, so as to be suitable for human survival.

But no matter how good the plan is, we still can’t do it at present. Because human beings are now able to carry people to the moon. Even if science and technology catch up, it will take a long time to change.

However, some people have put forward a compromise, that is, since we can’t change the environment of Mars all at once, can we first build some closed sites on the surface of Mars, and build some basic ecosystems inside, just like building a space station on the surface of Mars, which can be realized only by resisting the weather changes on the surface of Mars.

The purpose of this is to shorten the time to transform Mars as much as possible with the development of human science and technology. It is very feasible to further explore the universe based on Mars.

This year, SpaceX company of the United States is also carrying out the test of manned spacecraft. It is expected that in the near five years, it will realize the manned spacecraft and further establish a human base on Mars. I really hope that the day when human beings live on Mars.

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