Can “Nazi clock” distort time and space? Why is it a product of extraterrestrial civilization?

As we all know, Germany invented a lot of black technology in World War II, such as ho-229 fighter bomber, mouse type super heavy tank, V1 / V2 missile, silver bird air space bomber, etc. what we will introduce below is more powerful than these, which can be called super black technology weapons.

It’s said that the weapon of the Nazis is to turn the clock around. This is a device with a diameter of 3 meters and a height of 5 meters. It looks like a big clock. Inside it are two counter rotating cylinders. These cylinders are filled with a mysterious liquid metal code named “xerum 525”, which is stored in a metal can and wrapped in lead. This device is a by-product of Germany’s research and development of nuclear weapons at that time.

At the end of the war, Hitler hoped to go back to the past and change the war he was about to lose. Although it seems impossible now, at that time, the experiment was carried out in full swing, and the confidentiality level of the project was set at the highest level – decision war level.

At that time, a prototype of the Nazi clock and a testing ground similar to Stonehenge were made. However, in the first test, shortly after the start of the Nazi clock, a violent explosion occurred, and all the seven scientists on the scene died. Even objects with a radius of several hundred meters all turned into black colloidal state, and the water in the food evaporated instantly and turned yellow. This is because the metal inside the Nazi clock is the isotope of mercury and thorium, both of which are high-density liquid metals.

Through the principle of magnetic resonance, this kind of metal can instantly trigger extremely strong electromagnetic rays. From a scientific point of view, it releases a lot of energy through internal physical reaction, and this powerful energy, in fact gamma rays, is powerful enough to destroy everything around.

At that time, the surviving researchers recorded the feelings of the Nazi clock explosion, such as dizziness, numbness of skin, metal smell in the mouth, amnesia, loss of balance, evaporation of water in the body, and extreme thirst. Due to the rotation of the two materials in the opposite direction, it seems to create a kind of balance, counteract the gravity, and achieve a short floating.

Alien technology

The Nazi clock was designed to twist space by twisting gravity. A strong enough space rotation can bend the space around the generator. The more serious the distortion, the larger the space involved. When you twist space, you can also twist time.

Some people also said that the Nazi clock was just a whim when Germany was developing the atomic bomb. It was another direction of atomic energy development in Germany at that time, aiming to develop a powerful weapon, not a time machine.

Because the time machine was too advanced for the level of science and technology at that time. It’s OK to put forward this idea, but it’s a bit crazy to really invest in R & D.

But there is also a saying that the Nazi clock was the product of Germany’s contact with extraterrestrial civilization in the 1930s.

At that time, there was a bell shaped UFO that crashed in Germany. German scientists began to carry out reverse research and development on it. At the bottom of the bell shaped UFO, there was a circle of mysterious characters, and on the final design drawing, a circle of strange hieroglyphic characters appeared at the bottom.

This is reminiscent of the Roseville incident. Major Marshall, who went to investigate the wreckage of the flying saucer on the farm, went home on his way back to the base and showed the collected wreckage to his family. At that time, major Marshall’s son, who was only 11 years old, was very interested in one of the I-beam parts with hieroglyphic symbols.

According to major Marshall’s son, the symbols on the I-beam were also restored, and they were very similar to those on the Nazi clock. It can be seen that it is a kind of writing system, so does this mean that the Nazi clock is really connected with Roseville aliens?

This requires us to prove it with more evidence in the future.

Reverse engineering of Nazi clock

At that time, German black technology was basically divided up by the United States and the Soviet Union after the war. The Soviet Union took away German factory equipment and a large number of weapon drawings, while the United States focused on seizing R & D personnel and top scientists. If this Nazi clock project really exists, then the relevant designers and drawings will be found by the United States and the Soviet Union.

In 2001, a public report revealed that a US Defense Department contractor, Sara, was trying to restore the Nazi clock in Germany during World War II. Although the Sara version is much smaller, it is found that it effectively generates a strong electromagnetic field. This finding is important because Sara has conducted electromagnetic shielding tests on B-2 bombers.

They tried everything they could think of before they realized that it was a space-time warping effect. According to Einstein’s unified field theory, an energy field of a certain intensity could bend space-time.

The key is to find the energy and means to control the high-intensity energy field. As long as the electromagnetic field is strong enough, it can bend the space-time.

Another famous Philadelphia test of the United States was designed to make a destroyer invisible by means of strong electromagnetic interference, but unexpectedly, it passed through time and space, and the destroyer was transported to an area 400 kilometers away.

If the Philadelphia Experiment is true, does it mean that the Nazi clock really has something to do with it? Through the powerful electromagnetic force, it can really distort the space and achieve the purpose of crossing.

So we can see this luminous UFO in a large number of UFO eyewitness videos. Does it mean that these UFOs generate strong electromagnetic fields when they travel through time and space? Then luminescence is really a by-product of UFO’s space-time travel, not its original intention.

What do you think of that? Welcome to comment area.

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