Can people drown in a swimming pool? Such a swimming black hole must be far away!

Swimming is a sport suitable for all ages. In addition, in the hot summer, soaking in the swimming pool can also play a role in summer. Many people go to the swimming pool to swim in summer. In fact, there are many invisible dangers in the swimming pool. I pushed the article about the dirty things in the swimming pool before. Today, I will talk about the other dangers in the swimming pool, which may be fatal – black holes.

We all know that the water in the swimming pool is circulating. There are three ways of water circulation in the swimming pool

1. Pumping water from the bottom of the pool, passing through the water system, and then entering the pool from the pool wall is downstream. Because the downstream construction method is simple, many swimming pools use this method for water circulation.

2. Pumping water from the overflow ditch on the surface of the pool and sending water from the bottom of the pool through the water system is countercurrent. The construction of countercurrent is complex, but the water treatment is clean and the water quality is relatively good.

3. Mixed flow: the above two situations exist.

The black hole in the swimming pool is related to the way of water circulation. I believe you will remember the strange way of death in the series of “death comes 3”. Hunter was sucked to death by the black hole in the swimming pool, and all his intestines were sucked out. Don’t think that the movie exaggerates the ability of the swimming pool. In fact, there are such incidents in real life. Let’s take a look at the real case.

In July 2006, a 7-year-old girl in Japan was sucked into a drain when she was swimming. She died when she was rescued six hours later.

In July 2007, a 6-year-old girl in the United States sat on an open suction port and her small intestine was sucked out of the body.

In June 2012, a little boy in Foshan, Guangdong Province was accidentally stuck in the foot of a swimming pool drain. Firefighters chiseled open the outer wall of the swimming pool to save the boy.

In July 2013, a 14-year-old boy in Hangzhou was sucked on his arm by the drain of a swimming pool. After emergency rescue for more than an hour, he finally got out of danger, but part of his arm muscles were necrotic.

On July 20, 2014, a 12-year-old boy in Xi’an was sucked into the drainage pipe of the swimming pool and died.

These vivid examples are enough to show the danger of the swimming pool outfall. We have already introduced the circulating system of the pool. Are all the circulating systems dangerous? Through various experiments in “curiosity lab”, it is concluded that the suction of the downstream swimming pool outfall is greater when there is no protective net. When the experimenter puts his hand on the drain, he doesn’t have the suction to suck people. When the filter is opened, the dummy’s arm is sucked in instantly. Although the speed is fast, the suction is not strong. The experimenter can pull it out. Then why do black holes eat people? It turns out that many swimming pools are not a drainage outlet. There are often more drainage outlets to disperse the suction. In order to ensure the comprehensiveness of the experiment, the swimming pool connected with several swimming pools was found during the experiment. During the test, it was found that even if there were multiple drainage outlets, as long as the water of one swimming pool was drained by one drainage outlet, the accident would still occur. At that time, the experimenter was directly sucked in by the drainage outlet of the small pool, and the arm had to stop the water pump urgently to avoid the accident. Because an overflow ditch is built around the counter current, the drain in the pool is actually the irrigation port, so there is no suction for drainage, so as to avoid accidents.

So how can we avoid accidents when swimming? It is necessary to choose a good swimming pool and try to avoid swimming in the downstream swimming pool. If there is only downstream swimming pool, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether there is a filter at the drainage outlet. The existence of the filter will increase the safety. In the process of swimming, it is necessary to avoid close contact with the black hole to avoid accidents. Of course, the swimming pool against the current is the best choice. We can tell whether there is an overflow pool around the swimming pool. If there is an overflow pool, you can swim safely.

There are invisible dangers everywhere in the swimming pool. The so-called “happy swimming” is to guard against the black hole swallowing people. We must pay more attention to swimming and not forget ourselves!

This article was originally written by Yang Huijia, the author of Jiujian

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