Can the earth be better? The Arctic permafrost contains 1400 billion tons of carbon, which is now gradually released!

When we talk about the Arctic, we think of the skinny polar bears and the melting glaciers. In fact, the Arctic environment affects everyone. As the ice and snow gradually melts, the material in the permafrost will also be released. Scientists have studied the Arctic, and they think there are 1400 billion tons of carbon buried in the permafrost on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. A lot of carbon is frozen in methane and other gases. If the permafrost melts and methane is released, the carbon will enter the atmosphere, and the earth will fall into a state of runaway accelerated warming.

The exploration of scientists

Some time ago, scientists said that methane has been released from Siberian permafrost, and the so-called “sleeping giant” of the Arctic has awakened. It’s not that scientists are alarmist. They’ve crossed the Arctic Edge of Eurasia and studied the relationship between Arctic permafrost and climate.

When they got to the Laptev Sea, the scientists put the probe 350 meters underwater and monitored the water in real time. They found that there are many pits on the slope, and clusters of methane bubbles are ejected from these pits. Therefore, scientists believe that the concentration of methane here is very high, 400 times higher than that in ordinary sea areas.

Harm of methane

The result of this experiment is not a good phenomenon. The amount of methane emission they observed this time is too large, so they think that the climate may have reached the critical point, and the rate of global warming continues to accelerate. Although many countries have formulated policies on greenhouse gas emissions, human activities are still going on, and industry can not stop. Global warming is still melting by permafrost. Methane is released and entering the atmosphere will aggravate global warming, which makes more and more permafrost melting into a vicious circle, and the climate begins to get out of control.

Can the earth be better?

Although this conclusion worries scientists, they also believe that the methane bubbles detected at present are still dissolved in water. Although some methane can enter the atmosphere, the content is not much. This may be the greatest comfort to the earth’s environment today, but we still can’t relax our vigilance. Since scientists have detected this phenomenon, it means that methane has begun to enter the atmosphere.

In addition to the methane on the sea floor, the Arctic permafrost also contains a lot of methane. In 2018, NASA discovered that the permafrost in the Arctic was melting, forming a special kind of lake, which can release methane, which is called thermal karst lake. It can be said that this series of changes in the earth’s environment are caused by human beings. Now we are also making a series of measures to improve the earth’s environment. We still need to see what the results are.

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