Can the “little grey man” control the earth and human beings? How is this achieved? There is a key substance!

Can the “little grey man” control the earth and human beings? How are they implemented? There is a key substance!

All along, we have been looking for traces of alien civilization. Although there are not many results up to now, we still have not dispelled human confidence and determination. Today’s earth has given birth to a bright and rich life, but there has been a saying in history that the earth was once controlled by the little gray people. The little gray people are aliens from Orion. After they came to the earth, they began to control human beings. Is this true?

Little grey man and Orion

There are many documents and records in the world, all of which mention the little gray people. According to these data, the little gray people are low-level creatures without souls. According to the classification of cosmic civilization, the civilization level of the little gray people is far lower than that of human beings. Then why can creatures with civilization level lower than human beings control us? Some people think it may have something to do with Orion behind the little gray man. If Orion didn’t provide them with advanced technology, they can’t control human beings alone. The little gray people can communicate with Orion, pass on Orion’s orders and thoughts, and then control human beings.

Paul’s story

Many of the little grey man’s information was revealed by a former Canadian Defense Minister named Paul. He claimed that the little grey people had already come to the earth and had carried out cooperation with many developed countries. Aliens provide advanced science and technology to these developed countries, which should help them carry out some unspeakable experiments. At the same time, he also claims that the Roswell incident in history is also one of the cooperation between the little gray people and the developed countries.

Of course, these are Paul’s personal statements. After all, we have no evidence to prove the existence of the little gray man. Until now, the legend of the little gray man still emerges in endlessly. Although the little grey people are aliens, their bodies are very fragile, and the number of little grey people is decreasing. If they really exist, why do they want to control the earth? Some people think that it’s Orion’s desire to control the earth rather than the little gray people controlling the earth. According to the lesetta archives, Orion wants to solve the secret of reproduction through the little gray people, so that they can reproduce by themselves. So how do they control human beings?

How does the little grey man control human beings?

It can be said that thought and technology are Orion’s two ways to control human beings. Once they control the human mind, they will let human beings pursue an ethereal thing, that is material. These substances can make the human body in the virtual world, constantly tempt the human mind, so that human has been in a busy state, no time to think, and no ability to distinguish the true and false.

In the prediction of haiaohua, it has been said that there is one thing in human society that does not need to exist, that is money. It is the emergence of money that makes human society more and more complex, and human beings have a sense of dependence on material. Although there is no substantial evidence for these statements, they have also been recognized by many people. What do you think?

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