Can the moon become a new home for human beings in the future? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I understand

The moon is the only natural satellite of the earth. In the eyes of the ancients, the role of the moon is to illuminate the earth at night and make it more convenient for people to walk at night. However, with the development of human civilization, after entering the era of science and technology, we have a deeper understanding of the relationship between the moon and the earth.

The moon is too important for the earth. Some people may say that it is just a satellite. How can it have a significant impact on the earth? You should know that there are many moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Even if those moons disappear, they will not have much influence on Jupiter and Saturn.

Yes, the moon is really just a small satellite, but this satellite is very extraordinary. Its extraordinary is not like what people think, there may be any alien spaceship or alien base on the moon. In fact, through a large number of observations and explorations on the moon, we have understood that there are no alien civilization spaceships or bases on the moon, and there are only countless craters and desolate environment.

The real extraordinary thing about the moon is that its mass and volume are too large. As we all know, according to the theory of celestial body formation and operation, the mass ratio of the satellite to the planet around it is basically less than one thousandth, that is to say, the mass of the satellite is very small relative to the planet. Only when the mass is very small, can it orbit the planet safely and stably, otherwise it will be out of orbit or directly hit the planet.

But compared with the mass of the earth, the moon is so big that we can’t believe it. The mass of the moon is 81 times that of the earth, and its volume is 49 times that of the earth. Such a mass ratio and volume ratio may be unique in the universe. At least scientists have not yet found a second situation like the moon and the earth.

Because the mass of the moon is too large, its rotation and revolution are the same, and we can only see one side of the moon on the earth. According to the normal celestial theory, it is difficult for the mass of the moon to run stably around the earth and become a satellite, but the real result is that the moon has been around the earth for billions of years.

The existence is reasonable. Although the mass of the moon is special, it can move around the earth stably, which is in line with the theory of celestial body movement. However, the mass of the moon is too large, the impact of gravity on the earth can not be ignored. I believe many people know that the tide force, the earth’s tide rise and fall, is mainly caused by the tidal force of the moon.

Since the moon has been with the earth for billions of years, that is, in the early days of the earth, it has become the earth’s satellite. So the moon participated in the formation of the earth’s early ecology and the birth and evolution of life. Every life gene on the earth has the shadow of the moon. The moon plays an important role in the earth’s ecosystem.

If the moon disappears one day, it will be a disaster for the earth’s ecology and life, and may lead to the sixth mass extinction. It can be seen that if the earth’s ecology wants to be protected and stable, and if life wants to survive safely, we must protect the moon. In order to protect the moon well, an important measure is that in the future, part of human beings will migrate to the moon.

Can the moon become a new home for human beings in the future? Many people may say that the moon has no atmosphere and is so desolate that it is not suitable for human beings to live on. Without a beautiful ecological environment, human beings can not survive, and it is unlikely to migrate to the moon. Is that true? The results may be unexpected.

In the view of scientists, it is a high probability event that part of human beings will immigrate to the moon in the future. Even in the future, the first extraterrestrial migration of mankind may be realized on the moon. Since the moon is so desolate and there is no ecosystem suitable for human survival, how can humans survive when they migrate to the moon? In fact, many people ignore the power of technology.

Without powerful science and technology, human beings can not survive on the moon. We should know that the moon has no atmosphere and its environment is similar to that of space. The absence of atmosphere means that the solar wind and cosmic radiation can not be blocked, while the human body is very fragile and cannot block the solar radiation and cosmic radiation. If we are directly exposed to the surface of the moon, life will soon be lost.

However, the power of science and technology makes it possible for us to make a series of modifications to the moon. In the early days, we would build a closed earth ecosystem on the moon, and people would live in such an ecosystem. And we can also dig underground to the moon, build underground bases, and people can live inside the moon.

This is just the initial way to survive on the moon, and with the continuous development of human science and technology, we also have ways to add atmosphere to the moon. We should know that according to the current observation and Research on the moon, scientists have found a lot of water resources under the lunar soil, which shows that the desolate moon is not without water, but they can not exist on the surface.

I believe we all know the importance of water to ecology and human beings. As long as a large amount of water can be found on the moon, the success rate of moon reconstruction will be greatly improved. By means of science and technology, we can add a certain thickness of atmosphere to the moon, and at the same time, we can heat up the moon. With the atmosphere, with the appropriate temperature, the moon’s groundwater will slowly seep out, forming a liquid river.

Therefore, the moon still has great hope to become the first immigrant planet in the future. As we all know, the moon is made of material stripped from the earth. It is rich in resources, and it also has helium-3, which is very important for the future of mankind. This is the perfect raw material for nuclear fusion. In the era of nuclear fusion in the future, the demand for relevant raw materials is very large.

Helium-3 is very rare on earth and can only satisfy some scientific experiments. However, on the moon, the reserves of helium-3 have reached millions of tons, enough for human use for tens of thousands of years. Therefore, from the perspective of resources and the development needs of human civilization, it is inevitable to establish a base on the moon and exploit the resources of the moon in the future.

When a large number of people go to the moon to mine, they need to live, live and play. At this time, it is impossible to have a perfect city. Therefore, once the technology of lunar mining is broken through in the future, the establishment of bases and cities on the moon will be a probability event. Part of human beings will live on the moon for a long time and become lunar people.

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