Can the rotating earth really wander? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I suddenly realized

The universe is vast and vast. The solar system is only one of the hundreds of billions of galaxies in the Milky way. The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system and the only intelligent and civilized planet. I believe many people know that the sun is actually a star with continuous internal nuclear fusion. It also has a lifetime. Before the sun is about to die, it will continue to expand and transform into a red giant.

At this time, the sun’s atmosphere will expand outwards, engulfing the orbit of mercury and Venus, and the earth will eventually be submerged by the expanding sun’s atmosphere. What about the earth? What about human beings? Many people may think of emigrating to other planets. However, a science fiction film “wandering earth” released on the first day of the lunar new year provides a new way for future human beings, that is, to take the earth as a huge spaceship to leave the existing orbit and sail to the nearest neighbor star, 4.2 light years away.

Maybe in the eyes of many people, this is a crazy impossible thing to do, then stop the rotation of the earth can really go wandering? If we want the earth to move forward like a spaceship, we need to first install a lot of engines for the earth. Secondly, we need to rely on the thrust of the engine to stop the earth from rotating. Finally, we need to push the earth out of orbit and become a wandering planet.

So can human technology stop the earth from spinning? Scientists believe that it is impossible to do so with current science and technology. The rotational energy of the earth is very huge, which is equivalent to the energy produced by the simultaneous explosion of one trillion big Ivan hydrogen bombs. If we want the earth to stop rotating, we also need at least such a huge amount of energy, which is impossible with the use of energy by human beings.

However, scientists say that although we can’t do it now, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it in the future. When human beings realize the application of controllable nuclear fusion, we can make a nuclear fusion engine, which has far more energy than our current hydrogen bomb. As long as we calculate the location of the earth and install about 10000 nuclear fusion engines, there is still a great hope that we can make the earth stop rotating.

Once the earth stops rotating, what will happen to the earth? The earth is a planet, rotating around the sun at the same time, and the stability of the earth’s ecosystem has a great relationship with the earth’s rotation. Once the earth stops rotating, the earth’s ecosystem will inevitably face the risk of collapse. The most direct effect is that almost all the land on the earth will be submerged by sea water.

Its principle is also very simple. When the earth rotates, due to centrifugal force, the liquid ocean will gather near the equator. Therefore, once the earth stops rotating, the water will flow to the poles, causing the continent to be submerged. In the end, only a circle of land near the equator can survive. Does that mean that this small piece of land is the only survival base for human beings?

Of course, it’s not. Once the earth begins to wander outside the solar system, we won’t be able to enjoy the service of the sun. As we get farther away from the sun, the temperature of the earth’s surface will become lower and lower. Entering the ice age, the earth’s surface will become a frozen world, and the temperature can reach minus 200 degrees. On such a surface, life on the earth can’t survive, and human beings have to turn Move underground to survive.

Once the earth stops rotating, the earth will have a huge vibration. Without centrifugal force, the continental plate may collapse, causing a series of global earthquakes or tsunamis. At that time, the urban buildings on the earth’s surface may become ruins and disappear, and it may not be easy to live underground.

Once the earth stops rotating, there is also a very serious consequence, that is, the disappearance of the magnetic field. Scientists believe that the earth’s strong magnetic field may be caused by the different rotational speeds between the earth’s outer shell and inner core. If the earth’s rotation stops and both regions stop, then the earth’s magnetic field may suddenly disappear.

I believe many friends know that one of the important reasons why the earth has such a thick atmosphere and can become a living planet is that the earth has a strong magnetic field, which can effectively protect the earth from the invasion of the solar wind and also protect the earth’s atmosphere from escaping. If the earth does not have a magnetic field, the solar wind will be unimpeded, driving straight into the earth’s atmosphere, and then turning the earth’s atmosphere into space a little bit.

Mars also has a thin atmosphere, scientists guess: long ago, Mars was like the earth, with oceans, a thick atmosphere, very warm, very suitable for living. However, because of the disappearance of the overall magnetic field of Mars, under the impact of the solar wind, the Martian atmosphere gradually escaped into space, less and less.

This is a series of problems that will arise after the earth stops rotating. However, when the earth and human beings are facing life and death, we have to choose to leave the solar system as a spaceship. Although this may cause a series of disasters, human beings have to do so, otherwise human civilization will face the risk of extinction.

However, the power of science and technology is infinite. It will be at least one billion years before the sun transforms into a red giant. No one can imagine how powerful human science and technology will be at that time. It is possible that one billion years later, human beings have already become a powerful civilization in the galaxy. They can cross the galaxy and colonize many planets. Even if the sun expands and the earth can no longer survive, they can all migrate to the new earth of other galaxies.

If in the future human beings are reluctant to destroy the earth’s parent star and move it to other galaxies, then wandering earth will also take place. However, with the help of powerful scientific and technological forces, human beings can build huge cities inside the earth. These cities are very solid. Even if the earth stops rotating, it will cause a series of disasters and problems. However, living in a solid city like underground, people can completely ignore these disasters. People can live in the underground with ease, wander with the earth, and finally die Arrive at beling and start a new life.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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