Can the sun be torn down? There are at least three ways to solve seemingly complex problems in the future

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The earth can become a planet of life, which is closely related to the sun. Without the light and heat of the sun, life on earth could not exist, and naturally there would not be the birth of human beings.

After entering the era of science and technology, human beings soon realized their dream of flying to the sky, walked out of the earth and began to explore the universe. When we walk out of the earth, the most obvious thing we see is the sun, which is not big in the eyes of human beings. It looks like a full moon.

But in fact, the mass of the sun is very large. 99.86% of the mass of the whole solar system is owned by the sun. It is with it that we can absolutely control the mass of the solar system. Only when the planets and other small bodies are able to move around it stably, can the solar system have a stable galactic environment.

The sun is a star, but also a super huge energy body. As we all know, the demand for energy is also increasing after mankind enters the era of science and technology. If human civilization wants to move forward rapidly and continuously, it needs strong energy support. In the solar system, the most powerful energy is undoubtedly the energy of the sun.

Therefore, scientists have been studying and exploring how to use the energy of the sun. At present, our application of solar energy is very primitive and simple. Collecting solar energy with solar panels is a very low-level application mode, and the solar energy that can be used is extremely rare.

Such scarce energy can not meet the rapid development of human civilization. Therefore, at present, the energy we use is mainly fossil energy, which is the earth’s non renewable resources. But we all know that with the rapid development of human beings, the earth’s resources are constantly exhausted. Sooner or later, we need to go to space to collect energy resources.

When we start the space energy collection work, we should make good use of the huge energy body of the sun. Maybe many people think of the Dyson sphere. This is a conjecture put forward by scientists. They think that when a civilization develops into a secondary civilization, it can build a huge Dyson sphere, wrap the stars, and then continuously collect energy.

Dyson ball is a great idea. It looks good, but can we really build it? When human civilization is upgraded to the second level civilization, is there any hope that we can build a Dyson sphere to use solar energy?

Theoretically speaking, when the human civilization is upgraded to the second level civilization, the technical conditions for the construction of Dyson sphere can be completely achieved. The scientific and technological strength of the second level civilization has the ability to build the Dyson sphere, but we should not forget that the mass of the sun accounts for 99.86% of the total mass of the entire solar system.

We need a lot of resources to build a Dyson ball even if the technical conditions are met. It’s just the so-called “a skillful woman can’t make a meal without rice”. Without huge resources, it’s unrealistic to build a Dyson ball. However, except for the sun, the mass of all other celestial bodies in the solar system is only a fraction. Even if all these resources are gathered together, we can not build a Dyson sphere unless we can gather a lot of resources of other galaxies.

We can’t build a Dyson sphere to make full use of solar energy, so we need to find other ways to exploit solar energy. At this time, some people think of the idea of breaking off the sun. Maybe someone will say, how is that possible? How can a star be demolished? In fact, the reason why we think we can’t tear down the sun is mainly based on the existing science and technology of human beings.

But we should not forget that the power of science and technology is infinite. As long as we reach a certain stage of development, not to mention taking down a sun, even taking down a galaxy can be realized. And there will be at least three ways to remove the sun in the future. Let’s learn about it.

1、 We all know that the interior of the sun is a huge nuclear fusion reactor, which releases powerful energy by continuously fusing hydrogen. The temperature of the sun’s core is 15 million degrees centigrade, and the temperature of its surface is only 5500 degrees centigrade. In many people’s eyes, 15 million degrees centigrade is a high temperature that makes people despair. But in fact, after the realization of controllable nuclear fusion technology, this temperature is nothing at all.

We should know that the important reason why it is difficult for scientists to achieve controllable nuclear fusion is that it takes hundreds of millions of degrees Celsius to ignite nuclear fusion. However, the existing materials of human beings can not withstand this high temperature at all. If we achieve controllable nuclear fusion one day in the future, it means that we have made a major breakthrough in high temperature materials and can withstand the ultra-high temperature of hundreds of millions of degrees Celsius.

Are we afraid of the temperature of the sun after we have this material? Of course, at that time, humans can use this material to build the sun, dig deep into the sun, and constantly exploit resources and energy for human use. In this way, we will tear down the energy and resources of the sun.

2、 Accelerating the rotation of the sun makes matter and energy throw out automatically. We all know the role of centrifugal force. When the rotation speed of an object increases, its centrifugal force will increase, and the matter attached to it will be thrown out continuously. When the sun’s rotation accelerates, the material and energy on its surface will become unstable, and then it will be thrown out continuously under the action of centrifugal force.

And humans only need to build some collection devices in the orbit near the sun to easily collect the material and energy of the sun. This method seems to be simple and reliable once and for all, but in fact it is more difficult to implement than the first method.

The reason is that the mass of the sun is very huge. If you want to control its rotation speed, you need a stronger external force. It may not be possible for a second-class civilization to achieve it. Moreover, the increase of the rotation speed of the sun will also have a certain impact on the stability of the entire solar system, which is not an ideal method.

3、 It’s a rough way to blow up the sun directly. Many people may say that the sun is so big, can we blow it up? Perhaps in the eyes of many people, stars and celestial bodies like the sun are invincible, and human beings cannot blow them up.

Don’t say to blow up the sun, even to blow up a planet like earth is impossible for many people. Is that really the case? In fact, we underestimate the great power of science and technology. As long as the energy level reaches, it’s nothing to blow up planets or stars.

When we enter the second level civilization, we may be able to master the antimatter technology. I believe many people have heard of the power of antimatter. The energy level of nuclear energy can’t be compared with antimatter at all. As long as the amount is enough, it can blow up the earth and stars.

At that time, we would install huge antimatter bombs around the core of the sun, and theoretically, there would be hope to blow up the sun. It is more convenient and faster for human beings to collect solar energy.

However, this practice is undoubtedly killing the chicken for the egg. The sun is very important for the stability of the solar system and the earth. Although the second level civilization is already an interstellar civilization, there is not only one planet for human beings to live on, but also a habitable planet in other galaxies.

However, the earth is the home of human beings. If we use the crude method of blowing up the sun to exploit solar energy, then the earth may also be greatly affected, so that human beings will lose the home of the earth. What’s more, once the sun blows up, the solar system will be greatly affected, which may lead the whole galaxy into a new chaos.

Through these analyses, we can see that only the first of the three ways to remove the sun to exploit energy is more harmonious and reliable. Before human beings can’t really build a Dyson sphere, maybe we can only use the sun to excavate such technological tools to continuously exploit solar energy and resources.

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