Can throwing paper balls explore the origin of the universe? Whether the universe is designed or not can be explained by throwing a paper ball

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When we encounter difficulties or even can’t solve them, we often feel: “everything is predestined”. It seems that these are arranged in advance by fate. If our destiny is designed in advance, will the universe be carefully designed in advance?



The universe is carefully designed in advance, and there must be creators behind it

In the vast universe, everything from microbes to galaxies seems to have been designed and planned in advance and started to run in a predetermined orbit. There are many mysterious phenomena in the universe. The most difficult thing to understand is that it can be known by us. It’s like a design theory, in which the laws seem to be tailored for human beings. If the universe is a work, is there a creator behind it?

Before the formation of galaxies, the universe was born and expanded very fast. As the universe expanded more and more, the matter that could not keep up with its speed collapsed because of the large number and concentration. During the formation of other particles, the volume of neutrons was much larger than that of protons. Finally, they decayed into protons, and the whole process would gradually form hydrogen. Finally, the formation of hydrogen was completed It turns into a star, which seems to be the most basic level design of the universe, and finally enables the universe to support the development of life.


Scientists believe that there are four basic forces in the universe, but actually there should be five

In the exploration of the universe, scientists found that there are four basic forces: universal gravitation, electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force. But in the actual process, there are five basic forces. The fifth is repulsive force. The strength of these five basic forces is different. For example, if the strength of gravity becomes higher, the stars in the universe will run out of fuel.

For example, if we drive at a high speed, the faster the speed is, the faster the fuel consumption and combustion will be, the stronger the gravitational force will be, and the greater the impact on stars will be. So someone will ask, “if gravity doesn’t make it bigger, won’t the star be affected?” This view is wrong. If the intensity of gravity becomes weaker, the sun will not burn nuclear fusion, and the universe will become dark, without any temperature, or even no longer exist. Then the so-called life will be out of the question, and stars or other planets will be doomed.


All stars are formed by the equilibrium of the fundamental forces of nature

If all stars and other planets in the universe want to be stable, it is not enough for light to be affected by gravity. In addition, electromagnetic force is also involved. The main task of electromagnetic force is to transport light and heat outward. Gravity and electromagnetic force must maintain a particularly accurate balance point, and this balance point must be long-term. Only in this way can stars and other planets survive.

In other words, all stars are in the balance between the two polar states of gravity and electromagnetic force. The accuracy of this balance point needs to be in the last few tens of decimal places. Only under the premise of accurate balance degree, can stars exist. It’s like taking the subway. Every time we arrive at the station, the subway door will be opened at a precise position. And after the door is closed and enters the countdown state, about 300 people can’t get on the train every second. In the same way, once the electromagnetic force is not in agreement with gravity, there will be problems in the balance, and the survival of all stars will become a problem.


Einstein and Hawking did not find the answer, the known universe is full of mystery

What’s the fastest in the universe? The answer is the speed of light. Einstein gave his own opinion on whether the universe was designed. Einstein’s theory of relativity puts forward that the universe is an unbreakable rule, in which the speed of light cannot be broken by human beings. No matter what human beings study is rocket or spaceship, its speed is far less than that of light. Einstein pursued the truth of all things all his life, but he never found the answer to the question of how to break the speed of light.

Similarly, Hawking made an in-depth analysis of time in the universe, how to go back to the past through time? In his research, Hawking found that in fact, the universe is a self-protection system, which has been in operation. If humans want to break its operation mechanism, it will cause the collapse of the time line.

That is to say, no matter can bring human beings back to the past. The time movement in the universe has its planned path. For example, we walk towards each other. However, in every direction we walk towards each other, such as left, right, forward and backward, there will be different shadows in different directions. If we touch each other with our fingers, then the shadows will collapse, and even some shadows will cancel each other. In the process of our walking towards each other, the shadow will collapse In the middle of the world, gradually stronger shadow is the direction that we really go to each other.


Materialist world view holds that the universe can be designed in advance, and the creator is “law”

From a philosophical point of view, people are more willing to believe that there is an intelligent creator behind the universe, in other words, “God”, which is the idealist view. According to herally’s a brief history of human beings, one of the most important evolutionary processes of Homo sapiens is the invention of “fiction”.

The society, religion, group and so on in the minds of Homo sapiens are all non-existent concepts. It is these fictional concepts that enable human beings to believe, transcend the immediate life, organize on a large scale, and become the masters of the world. All things in the world, all living beings in the universe, in fact, from the materialist point of view, the creator behind the universe is the “law”. The sun, the moon, the stars, birth, aging and death, all things can not escape the domination of the law. Similarly, the universe is carefully designed by the law, and the law dominates the world.

Throughout the year, plants follow the law of nature from flowering and fruiting to falling leaves. Take the generation and operation mechanism of the most advanced, complex and precise LSI in human science as an example. In order to obtain a highly automated and even intelligent equipment and machinery, we must first carry out the principle design according to the requirements of creative purposes. Without the principle design, no matter how powerful the mechanism structure is, it can not be operated.

Each module is related to each other and forms an organic whole. In the process of operation, there will be parameter changes. Once any device has a vulnerability, the whole mechanism can not run, and the design function can not be realized. Depending on the random collocation of “random nature”, we can produce beings that perform obvious functions in accordance with logic and laws, which is just a fantasy. In the same way, the universe is a microcosm. Under the creation of a certain mechanism and law, it comes into being.


There is a more advanced civilization to promote the operation and development of the universe

If there is really an advanced civilization, such as aliens, which can promote the continuous development and change of the new universe in a certain direction, instead of relying on the “designer” himself, we only need to design the parameters of various basic forces, and the new universe will develop with the trend. It’s just like in the process of human breeding life, in order to obtain the perfect gene, many people will choose test tube baby to obtain high-quality life by changing the gene. However, for the “designer” of this advanced civilization, no matter from which level, once there is a big bang, every universe will enter its own orbit and can no longer be controlled by it.

Was the universe carefully designed in advance? ——It’s actually “cause and effect inversion”

In the first half of the introduction, we seem to see that there should not be any mistakes in the links of the basic forces of the universe, otherwise it will be doomed. Is the universe really carefully designed? I don’t think so. We just invert cause and effect. For the simplest example, when we throw a small paper ball into the garbage can, we will first choose the position where we want to throw the paper ball, and then during the process of throwing, the paper ball will draw a perfect parabola in the air. If it touches something else during the flight, it will change the direction of landing, but if it doesn’t touch it, it will eventually fall to the position we designated.

From the quantum point of view, the motion of an object in time is not the straight line or continuous motion that we can see with the naked eye. It is a probabilistic motion. Theoretically, every particle has the probability of various routes. Before a quantum object touches the interference, the probability of each path is very high. So it seems that the paper ball finally falls into our designated position. How “ingenious” the result is, in addition to the right external force, there should also be air resistance, including gravity and so on. At the same time, it also requires the size and shape of the paper ball, and all the surface conditions are the elements of “careful design” in advance.

From the moment of the birth of the universe, it has produced countless results. The universe just formed such results. Should we also call this result of cause and effect inversion elaborate design? The answer is No. It’s just like when we make mistakes in our work, we casually rub the paper into a paper ball, and the paper ball is just right in the garbage can. This process does not mean that we have carefully designed it in advance, and it is only an inevitable result that it falls into the garbage can.

Similarly, the final birth of the universe is also a result of accidental accumulation and development based on various factors. If we look at the problem from this result, we will see what we now call “countless well-designed”. The birth of life in the universe is an inevitable result of its development. The vast universe is full of many miracles. Perhaps in the long years, with the continuous development of science and technology, we will eventually uncover its mystery and truly understand it.

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