Can time travel be realized? Hawking said these three methods are feasible, but he is not willing to succeed!

Hawking recognized by the three through methods, problems also hit one after another, the best one to achieve!

In many sci-fi movies, the plot of crossing is not uncommon, which can make up for the regret in human heart, and also closer to life. For human beings, crossing is something that can be met but not sought. It is mysterious and magical. Although many people clearly know that traversal is impossible, it has been recognized and accepted by the industry. Those familiar sci-fi film themes are supported by certain theories, even time travel is no exception. Its basis is based on Einstein’s theory of relativity. Does time traveler really exist?

Modern scientists can’t give a definite answer. Although Einstein’s theory of relativity describes time travel, he doesn’t give a specific method. Then there is another question. Since time travel can be based on scientific theory, it is not an unrealistic fantasy. Does that mean that it can be realized? In fact, there are three ways to help human beings realize crossing. Even Hawking thinks it is feasible. Which three are they? Hawking recognized by the three through methods, problems also hit one after another, the best one to achieve!

Three ways to realize crossing

First, wormholes. Wormhole has long been discovered by human beings, but it has never been able to break through. It is too mysterious in the universe to be seen with naked eyes or touched with hands. It seems that there is a magical force pulling human beings, which is beyond the scope of human cognition. Scientists hope to find a way to travel freely in the vast universe across time and space, so they regard wormhole as a link A passage of time and space, which may be winding and bumpy, or unimpeded.

The second method is gravitational wave. Einstein’s general theory of relativity points out that the mass of an object can distort space-time. If the mass or motion state of an object changes, the change of space-time distortion is more obvious, which is called gravitational wave. In the sense of gravity, it can cross space and time. Once it can be found, it can cross. Unfortunately, scientists have been looking for it for so long, but they have not found its real location.

The last one is the speed of light. The speed of an object is related to the form of mass movement. The greater the mass of an object, the faster it will fall from the peak. Hawking once held an experiment, which mainly invited future people. In the end, the experiment failed, and no one came. The speed of light is generally recognized as the fastest speed in the universe. Once human beings can reach the speed of light, then crossing is not a trivial matter. However, up to now, human beings have no support to reach the speed of light, even if they build a universe The spaceship may not be able to reach such a high speed.

Time travel is feasible in a sense, but Hawking warned mankind not to easily go back to the past, which may bring unexpected disasters. We can’t know what happened in the past. What we should do most is to look into the future, rather than stagnate in the past. Do you think these three ways are feasible? You can leave a message for interaction.

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