Can time travel really become a reality? Listen to the explanation of scientists

Nowadays, there are more and more time travel novels and time travel dramas. Many friends like to watch them. If they read too much, they dream that one day they can cross the past and another world. Especially, if they can cross the past and know what will happen in the next few decades, they will soon get rich, marry Bai Fumei and achieve the peak of their life.

Is time travel a dream? “Crossing” has a very vivid name in Physics – time travel, or time travel. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the universe is dynamic and distorted, and space-time can be distorted. The speed of light objects can reach or exceed the speed of light. It is theoretically possible to cross space-time.

To travel through time and space, we need to use the concept of time and space. To explain with the theory of relativity, our world is a three-dimensional world, and time is the fourth dimension. Time and space are two inseparable whole. Time and space travel is carried out by changing time and space, that is, if you want to travel through it, you have to upgrade the dimension, jump from the three-dimensional world to the four-dimensional world, and then jump out again It’s time to cross.

Modern scientific theory is also studying the existence of multi-dimensional universe. Many scientists say that our universe may be a multi-dimensional universe, and the world may also be a multi-dimensional world. In fact, it tells us that the parallel universe may be real. Although no direct evidence has been found to prove it, some events on earth do tell us that the parallel world is real Yes.

When it comes to time travel, there must be a channel. This channel is what we usually refer to as wormhole. Through continuous exploration and research, more and more scientists point out that wormhole really exists in the universe, but we can’t find it with our current technology. Moreover, some scientists have completed the small experiment of wormhole making in the laboratory, but the wormhole is very small and the time is very short, just a few seconds.

The rush to travel through time and space is to create a man-made wormhole. Through this wormhole, it is possible to go back to the past. Maybe many people have the courage to go back to the past. If human beings really build a time machine, they can go back to the past. What if history is changed and the butterfly effect is caused? This is actually a big problem of time travel. History can’t be changed, as we know. But if you can really go back to the past and someone wants to change history, it must cause huge fluctuations in space. According to the size of historical events you transform, the fluctuations in space will also be different. If the transformation is too big, for example, you directly change the outcome of World War II, it will be difficult The real world can also be a disaster.

Therefore, even if travel through time and space can be realized and can return to the past, we should be very careful. We can travel, but we can’t intervene in some historical events casually. Once we intervene forcibly, it may bring disaster to the real world. Therefore, time and space travel has both advantages and disadvantages. If it is used by some lawless elements, it may cause great trouble.

Of course, with our current technology, it’s impossible to build a wormhole and a time machine, and it’s not something that can be done in a short time. Maybe it will be possible in a thousand years. In addition to man-made wormholes, there are also natural wormholes in the universe. Of course, wormholes in the universe are different from our understanding of space-time travel.

The wormhole in the universe is more like a traffic door. Through this door, you can instantly reach the other end of the universe. We know that the distance in the universe is calculated in light years. The nearest star in the solar system also takes 4.2 light years. If you fly at the speed of light, it also takes 4.2 years, not to mention the distance of hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of light years from the earth. If you want to explore the depths of the universe, you must fly faster than light, and these natural wormholes in the universe are the shortcut to fly faster than light.

Scientists suspect that black holes may be a form of wormholes, but black holes have super strong suction. Most wormholes should be calm. If they are all black holes, they are easy to detect. But a black hole may be a kind of unstable black hole, which is dangerous to enter. A stable wormhole is calm, has no attraction, and is invisible to the naked eye. Only through specific detection equipment can we find wormholes in the universe.

With the continuous progress of human science and technology and the continuous efforts of scientists, we believe that in the future, human beings can not only create time machines that travel through time and space, but also use the natural wormholes in the universe to explore the depths of the universe.

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