Can we go back through the wormhole? It may disappoint people and can be used to avoid Star Wars

The universe is vast and vast. Since the big bang, no one knows how big the expanding universe is now. But we know that the universe is so big that it is beyond our imagination. The range of the universe that human beings can observe now is tens of billions of light-years, but this may be just the tip of the iceberg of the universe.

On earth, our basic distance unit is meters, while in the universe, the basic distance unit is light years. For example, the nearest star to the sun is in the constellation Centaurus, which is about 4 light years away from the earth. Even if the spacecraft can fly at the speed of light, it will take four years to arrive. If it is flying at 1% of the speed of light, it will take 400 years to reach Bilin.

Four light years in the universe is equivalent to four meters on the earth. From the perspective of the universe, this is a very short distance. The distance between the sun and the center of the Milky Way galaxy is about 26000 light-years. It will take 26000 years to get there at the speed of light, let alone at the speed of sublight. It will take a long time. The speed of human aircraft is too slow. At the current level of science and technology, it is very difficult for us to fly out of the solar system, not to mention to the center of the galaxy. This is almost a distant dream.

But if we want to explore the mysteries of the universe, it is not enough to rely on astronomical telescopes alone. We still need to be able to reach the target for close observation. We can have enough understanding of Mars because human probes can reach and land. If we want to understand the details of beling galaxy, we have to send spacecraft to it.

Therefore, human beings want to really explore the universe and uncover the mystery of the universe. Spaceships can’t do without super fast speed. However, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed limit of an object is the speed of light. If it exceeds the speed of light, it violates the theory of relativity. Therefore, some scientists put forward the concept of wormhole, which does not conflict with the theory of relativity.

The concept of wormhole was first proposed in 1935 when Einstein and Rosen discovered the “Einstein Rosen bridge” when they were studying general relativity. This is an impermeable wormhole – the so-called “impermeable” wormhole means that it cannot pass through the wormhole in a limited time, so this kind of wormhole has no practical significance in reality.

Although this wormhole is just a conceptual product, early scientists thought that it was impenetrable, but it did not hinder scientists’ continuous research on it. Since the concept of wormhole was put forward, scientists have not given up their research on it. We need to know that it may be the key to whether human beings can realize interstellar navigation. Some people have speculated: through the wormhole can go back to the past? Is that really possible?

It has always been a science fiction event to go back to the past through wormholes. However, through years of research on wormholes, scientists believe that people think too much about going back to the past through wormholes, which is impossible. However, the actual star trek through wormhole is possible, but to make wormhole a traversable wormhole, we need a strong negative mass.

Scientists’ new wormhole research believes that an impenetrable wormhole is equivalent to quantum entanglement, and to open a traversable wormhole, there must be a large number of negative masses. But the key to the problem is, where does the negative mass come from? Negative mass is impossible in the sense of classical physics, but it can be produced in quantum mechanics. The most famous example is the Casimir effect, such as the electromagnetic vacuum state between two parallel metal plates. Both theoretical and experimental results show that the vacuum state between metal plates has negative energy, which is called Casimir energy. This negative energy can be regarded as negative mass.

Therefore, the Casimir effect shows that quantum mechanics can achieve negative mass and help create a traversable wormhole. As described earlier, the technical detail of traversing wormholes is to obtain an energy momentum tensor that violates the condition of average light like energy. In other words, the maintenance of traversing wormholes requires a material field with negative average light like energy (because according to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, the material field causes the curvature of space-time).

Three years ago, after studying the interaction between the boundary of two eternal BTZ black holes, Geoffrey, gopin and wall discovered that there can be an energy momentum tensor of quantum matter with negative average light like energy, which is equivalent to the appearance of negative mass, so its anti gravitational effect can make the Einstein Rosen bridge barely Cross (BTZ black hole is an anti German black hole) But their conclusion also holds true for black holes in three-dimensional space. At this time, wormhole is traversable. If a person jumps into a black hole, he can escape from another black hole.

However, according to the new wormhole research theory, although negative mass can open the traversable wormhole, and spaceships can enter the wormhole, it may be unrealistic to achieve interstellar navigation and quickly reach another point from one point in the universe. Scientists believe that although the distance between the two black holes is very close, the wormhole connecting the two black holes may be very long.

It takes a long time for human beings to travel in this wormhole, which may not be as short as people think. However, it may take a long time to travel through the wormhole, which also makes scientists think of another application, that is, avoiding Star Wars. Once there is a star war in the future, you can enter the wormhole for a long time in order to avoid the war. After you get out of the wormhole, maybe the star war is over.

Of course, the new wormhole theory is just some theoretical research on wormholes by scientists at present. At present, everything about wormholes is still in the stage of theoretical research. The first black hole photo of human beings has been taken, but whether wormholes exist and what wormholes are still unknown. Scientists have not detected the existence of wormholes in the universe.

Some scientists once thought that black hole might be wormhole, but later many scientists questioned that black hole and wormhole might be two completely different concepts. At present, wormhole crossing is only a science fiction work. Whether it will become a reality in the future is also an unknown. It is precisely because of human’s desire to explore the universe that scientists pay close attention to the study of wormholes.

If the wormhole is really a channel connecting different space positions in the universe as described in science fiction works, and interstellar navigation can be realized through it, it will be a huge leap for human beings. Relativity tells us that the speed limit of an object is the speed of light, but wormhole theory tells us that the speed of light can be surpassed, but if we want to surpass the speed of light, we have to go beyond it It’s the wormhole.

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