Can we use science to explain so many “big events” in 2020? Are they connected?

Some people think that 2020 is worth remembering. At the end of 2019, two major events happened, namely, the fire in Australia and the locust plague in Africa. At the beginning, we thought that these two events were just ordinary natural disasters, but we didn’t expect that these two events would continue to ferment, and a series of subsequent events made us feel exhausted.

Einstein once put forward such a view, he thought that there was causal effect in the world, and he always believed in the law of causality. After seeing the situation this year, some people can’t help wondering whether there is any connection between the various events this year? First of all, we need to look at the major events in 2020.

epidemic situation

What we mentioned above is just the beginning, and the next is the focus of 2020. At the beginning of the new year, an epidemic that has spread so far began to ravage. When people felt the spread of the epidemic for the first time, they were still very flustered. After all, at that time, there was no vaccine that could hinder the development of the epidemic. Fortunately, the plan formulated by our country was still very much wanted, and your opinions were well controlled. Up to now, many foreign countries are still suffering from the epidemic.

Continuous high temperature

In addition to the epidemic situation, I believe that many people’s impression of 2020 is the continuous high temperature. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, which has been covered by heavy glaciers for many years. Many people have been climbing Mount Everest for many years, believing that this is the highest honor of life, and many people have lost their lives in it every year. But who would have thought that such a low temperature and precipitous peak would be so beautiful Green vegetation has emerged. As the two coldest poles in the world, the north and south poles are like a world of ice and snow. Even human beings dare not go to Antarctica easily. This year, both the north and the South broke the high temperature records. There was a large amount of strange red snow in Antarctica, and the Arctic ice shelf was also facing collapse, even breaking the high temperature of 38 degrees.

American fire

In June this year, the Siberian town in Russia also broke the record of 38 degrees, which led to frequent fires in Siberia. This is also the year with the most fires in Siberia in recent years. Since the end of April, the California fire in the United States began to spread and is still burning. Scientists have predicted that the fire may burn until December.

With the emergence of La Nina phenomenon, scientists have a new prediction of the fire in the United States, which is likely to burn until March and April next year. These natural disasters seem to have no impact, but in fact they are all related. The culprit is still ourselves. If it is not for the blind pursuit of economic development, the destruction of the earth’s environment and the emission of a large number of greenhouse gases, we believe that many disasters can be avoided. What do you think?

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