Can wood melt? Foreigners use distillation flasks, constantly emitting thick white smoke!

Recently, a foreigner studied the melting point of wood and made an experiment. Does wood have a melting point? What is its melting point?

The process of the experiment is as follows: first, a piece of wood is put into a vacuum environment and heated by a laser light. The wood slowly begins to decompose and release thick white smoke. Then, as the heating continues, some charred black spots slowly appear, but the whole is not melted. Next, through the distillation test of wood, the heated wood releases high-temperature steam gas, which is separated and condensed to form wood tar and wood vinegar, while the shared wood is only charcoal at this time.

There are two main factors affecting the melting point, one is the pressure, and the melting point changes with the pressure. The melting point we usually say actually refers to the melting temperature under normal atmospheric pressure. Another factor refers to the impurities in the material. What we call melting point is pure material, but there is no absolutely pure material in reality. For example, the wood block in our experiment itself is a mixture. If it is classified as the main component carbon, when heating the wood in the vacuum, it has reached the decomposition temperature before reaching the melting point of carbon. Therefore, in the first small experiment, the black material is actually wood tar. The carbon does not reach the changeable temperature condition, and it still exists well No change.

Experiments show that: Wood belongs to organic mixture, more complex, there should be no fixed melting point, only crystals have melting point. If we insist that wood has a melting point, then the analysis of its main component, that is carbon, the melting point of carbon is 3727 ℃, this simple experiment should not be able to reach this temperature and can only end in failure!

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