Can you build a house? Astronauts are expected to build a lunar base with their own urine

According to a new study by scientists from the European Space Agency, the urine of astronauts may be the key to the successful construction of lunar habitat in the future, the Sun reported. what? Urine? Yes, you’re right. It’s urine.

At present, all countries in the world have the idea of immigrating to the moon in the future. So if this idea can be realized, where do you think people can live after they get to the moon? With what to build a new home suitable for living?

According to the latest research, because there are mainly organic compounds in human urine, astronauts can use their urine to mix with lunar soil to make “space concrete” and build a lunar base for human habitation.

Of course, many people question this: why use urine? Can’t other materials be used?

If other materials are to be used, it will cost a lot of cost and logistics to send them into space. You think that the cost of transporting 0.45 kg from the earth’s surface to orbit is about 10000 US dollars, so it’s unthinkable to transport all the necessary equipment and materials to the moon!

A scientific team has examined whether urea in urine can be used as a plasticizer for 3D printing mixtures on the lunar surface.

Plasticizer is essentially an additive, which can be added to the concrete mixture to soften the mixture. The essence of this process is that urea breaks the hydrogen bond and reduces the viscosity of its products.

Researchers use human urine to make building materials through 3D printing equipment. The results show that although the tube printed with urea as plasticizer is not beautiful in appearance, it can withstand very heavy load and maintain the stability of the material to a large extent. But the researchers stressed that they need to carry out further research and experiments.

Although these scientists need further experiments to find the best building materials for the moon, they have made gratifying progress from these studies. Let’s talk about your wish to immigrate to the moon!

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