Can you donate your stool? You can get another $40 for one

It turns out that stool can also be donated. I believe many people don’t know that there is such a “stool bank” in the United States. As long as you are healthy, you can get $40 from selling a piece of stool to the “stool bank”, which is even faster than sperm donation.

After receiving the stool donated by the donor, the “stool bank” will conduct laboratory tests and provide samples to the hospital for stool transplantation.

Why do you want to do stool transplantation? In fact, there are many beneficial bacteria in human intestines. These bacteria work silently to maintain the balance of the intestines. Once this balance is broken, healthy stools need to be transplanted to help breed beneficial bacteria.

Doctors will make healthy stool into “stool capsule”, and patients only need to take the capsule.

However, people who want to donate their stools should not be too happy too soon, because the “stool bank” has very high requirements for donors. First, they should not be too heavy or too light. Secondly, there must be a sufficient number of beneficial bacteria in their intestines.

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