Can you flush the toilet correctly? Researchers took photos, flush toilet must cover!

With the development of science and technology, human life has undergone earth shaking changes. With the emergence of more and more scientific and technological products, our life has also ushered in great convenience. In the era of relatively backward economy, people’s clothing, food, housing and transportation were all problems. Today, the toilet as a great invention, has been popularized to human life, almost every household has a toilet, but in fact, although the toilet greatly solves the problem of human life, but we really use the toilet right?

Although the toilet solves the problem of human health to a great extent, no matter how much the toilet costs, it still can not completely block the spread of viruses and bacteria, especially the improper use of the toilet, so for a family, the toilet has become the biggest source of pollution. So in a sense, the toilet has become a health problem that most people ignore. I don’t know if you’ve ever had such a phenomenon. After you use the toilet, will you cover it first and then flush it? This behavior is still very critical. Some people may think that when flushing, the water will also take away the excreta and bacteria at the same time, so there will be no pollution. But in fact, such a practice is very one-sided. Although the water has washed away the excreta, the bacteria have been released at the moment of flushing.

How to flush the toilet correctly?

When flushing, a large number of tiny water droplets will be produced due to the impact force, and these droplets will also carry viruses and bacteria to splash everywhere. Therefore, if the toilet cover is not covered when flushing, the whole toilet will be polluted by bacteria, and it is possible that these pollutants will spread to the whole room. In fact, scientists have explained this phenomenon. In order to make human beings change their behavior and realize the seriousness of this problem, a chemical company released a video. They used high-speed cameras to capture the phenomenon of flushing the toilet. People can directly see how bacteria are thrown into the air.

Although flushing the toilet is an extremely common thing, the current will cause very large water droplets to fall to the ground quickly, and the bacteria and viruses carried by them will also be thrown into the air quickly. If it’s a hot summer, we are wearing shorts and slippers and standing beside the toilet to flush the toilet, we will feel that there are water drops splashing on our bodies, which in fact shows the problem. In July this year, scientists also released a research result. In fact, there are many virus particles in the toilet. These virus particles may stay in the air for one minute with the water jet.

Many family toilets are exposed in the toilet. If they are not isolated, these viruses and bacteria will spread to the toilet, even to all parts of the room. For example, the toiletries and towels in the toilet are attached with these viruses and bacteria. These things are directly contacted by human beings. Although we can’t see these viruses and bacteria, as long as we can’t see them, we can’t see them When we enter the bathroom, we will be surrounded by a large number of virus particles.

A survey of scientists

Scientists have also done a survey. They have counted the living habits of 2000 British people. After all, they have a longer history of using toilets than us, but half of them still have no habit of flushing. In fact, most of the 2000 people surveyed still pay great attention to hygiene. Even such people do not have the habit of flushing by covering the toilet. It can be seen that people still know too little about the toilet.

Especially in 2020, although China’s epidemic control is very obvious, but now there are still repeated, and many foreign countries are still facing a raging situation, in such a severe situation, to maintain good health habits is a small thing we can do. Therefore, toilet flushing is a good health habit. If you can’t use the toilet correctly, no matter how much you pay attention to personal hygiene, there are still many loopholes and even spread diseases. Do you have the habit of toilet flushing?

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