Can you really gain super power if you don’t die after being struck by thunder? Some parts change, especially men!

As we all know, lightning is a magical natural phenomenon, and also one of the most mysterious and non negligible forces in nature. In rainy days, we will see thunder with lightning across the sky, leaving a beautiful line. Although the beauty of lightning is fascinating, its power is far beyond the reach of human power. The shortest lightning may be only a few hundred meters long, while the longest can be thousands of meters away. Scientists say that almost 100 flashes of lightning hit the earth every second. Lightning can only be seen in rainy days. It occurs in natural phenomena such as hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and sometimes even in snowstorms.

The temperature of lightning is also appalling, its maximum temperature can reach about 28000 degrees, that is to say, the temperature is five times higher than the temperature of the sun’s surface! According to probability statistics, the probability of a person being struck by lightning in his life is one in 300000, so most people almost never encounter this kind of thing. It’s also hard to imagine what will happen when a powerful lightning strikes people, because normally, human beings can’t bear the high temperature of lightning. Unfortunately, many people are killed on the spot, and even have no chance of rescue. But some people survive after being struck by lightning, and a series of changes have taken place in their bodies. Why? Is it true that you will gain super power if you are not killed by thunder? Let’s see what scientists say.

As we all know, the power of lightning, human being hit by lightning, lightning will cause great damage to the human nervous system and heart, almost will cause brain damage, cardiac arrest and a series of problems. Its strong and eye-catching optical fiber will also cause strong damage to the human retina, which may cause various vision problems, cataract, blindness and other injuries. It may also lead to amnesia, and there is no way to cure it.

There are also many people who believe that if they are struck by lightning and happen to survive, they are likely to acquire superhero like abilities. Scientists say that this is not the case. It’s lucky to survive being struck by lightning, and after that, some parts of the body will also change, especially for men, which usually leads to decreased sexual desire and even impotence.

Through a large number of surveys and statistics, experts in the United States have found that one of the most basic and common physical conditions of people who are not dead after being hit by lightning is that there are many strange red “lightning patterns” on their skin. What is the cause of this? Is it a manifestation of super power?

Scientists say that this is because lightning has invaded the human body, leaving a large number of red blood cells in the human body to leave the capillaries and enter the skin on the surface of the body. Therefore, this unique mark is formed, which is gradually called “lightning pattern”. Experts sent people to interview many people with “lightning pattern”. When asked about the lightning strike, do you remember the feeling at that time? Almost all of them said that they just saw a very strong white light flash, and the whole person fainted in an instant, and they had no idea what happened next.

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