Can you see the great wall of China on the moon? The Chinese people were very proud of the astronaut’s dictation!

All along, many people think that the great wall of China can be seen from the earth on the moon, which makes many Chinese very proud.

In fact, according to the calculation of physics, if people stand on the moon and look at the earth, the Great Wall looks only a few tenths of a micron at this distance. I don’t know who can see objects within a micron with the naked eye. Through the actual verification, we can also see that when the distance from the ground is 30 km, the Great Wall has become very blurred, while the moon is more than 380000 km away from the earth. Looking at the earth from this distance, it’s just a small ball with a little color change. The Great Wall building is magnificent, but the actual building size can’t be changed, so people can’t see it with their naked eyes To the Great Wall, but if you can use a telescope to observe the earth, maybe you can see it. Yang Liwei, China’s first astronaut into space, also made it clear in an interview that he did not see the Great Wall. Yang Liwei flew into space to travel around the earth. At that time, the height of the spacecraft was 580 km. In fact, the great wall could not be seen at this height. It was still far away from the moon.

It’s strange that the saying that the great wall of China can be seen on the moon appeared when human beings could not enter space. This well-documented saying comes from the people and politics of the Far East written by a British journalist in 1895. Later, it was said that the Apollo astronauts who returned from the first moon landing in the United States confirmed this statement, which made the Chinese very proud. It seems that this is also a rumor. No astronaut has ever said this in person. A more real and clear answer comes from astronaut Alan bean. He said that the earth seen on the moon is a beautiful ball. Most of the white may be clouds, and there are blue, yellow and green spots, which should be oceans, deserts and forests When the height reaches several thousand meters, you can’t see any man-made things any more.

So why compile this beautiful “lie”? Maybe people worship the great wall so much that they have more magical expectations and fantasies about it? Although we know that we can’t see the Great Wall with naked eyes on the moon, it doesn’t affect our love and worship of the Great Wall!

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