Canada accidentally intercepted signal from 1.5 billion light years away, suspected of the call of alien civilization?

According to foreign media reports, the Canadian Space Agency unexpectedly received a strange signal on January 9, 2019. After ruling out the possibility of sending signals from countries on earth, Canada immediately began its exploration of the universe and found that this strange signal came from the star field at 1.5 billion light-years. This news has caused a sensation in the world and attracted the attention of the whole world. Are these alien signals?

Man is a kind of creature that can’t stand loneliness. After living on the earth for thousands of years, science and technology has reached a certain level. Therefore, people have a fantasy about aliens: is there no other intelligent creature except human in such a vast universe? In fact, as early as the early 20th century, after the mysterious UFO appeared, scientists began to search for extraterrestrial life. Unfortunately, decades later, the search results are empty. Is our earth really the only living planet in the universe?

For many years, scientists have been thinking about how they survive if there are alien creatures, and why they did not visit the earth. Even if Mr. Hawking has repeatedly warned not to provoke them, it can not stop scientists from frantically searching for alien creatures. What’s the reason for that? With the departure of Mr. Hawking, it has become an unsolved mystery.

As for alien creatures, Hollywood of the United States is very fond of this theme. It often applies alien creatures to its own films and TV works, such as Avengers and sea king, which are deeply loved by the audience. From these films and TV works, it is not difficult to see that in the scientific and technological civilization, alien creatures occupy an advantage, while human beings are at a disadvantage. Is this also the reality? Is it possible that aliens refuse to contact with human beings because they despise the civilization and technological level of the earth?

Some scientists once thought that the universe has eleven dimensions, and the earth we live on is only a three-dimensional space. So we infer that human civilization is indeed a low-level civilization. The reason why we haven’t found alien civilization today is probably because we can’t touch their level at present with our scientific and technological level. In other words, the high-level civilization is always crushing the low-level civilization.

Assuming that this inference is correct, how far can human civilization develop to discover aliens? A British scientist has put forward a bold idea in this respect: when human beings can mobilize all the resources of the solar system at will, they can become advanced creatures, so they are qualified to contact with alien creatures. Unfortunately, it will take hundreds or even thousands of years to achieve this goal. Otherwise, everything will be empty talk.

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