Canada’s River, which has been flowing for a hundred years, disappears in four days. Is Hawking’s prediction coming true?

Since the beginning of winter in China, the temperature has dropped obviously. Many people think that maybe the little ice age is coming. In fact, is it really so? Scientists claim that although the temperature drops obviously after winter, it still can’t change the fact of global warming. According to the information released by the Climate Center, 2020 has set a temperature record, and from 2016, 2020 is likely to become the hottest year.

Although our feelings are not obvious, global warming has become an established fact. If we judge from the perspective of temperature alone, it is a bit one-sided. Before that, a century old river in Canada suddenly disappeared in four days, which worried scientists. Now the earth’s environment has reached an irreparable level. Is it really like Hawking’s saying that the earth will become a fireball in the future? According to the data, the disappearing century old river is the slyms River in Canada, which has been flowing for hundreds of years and originated from the largest glacier in Canada. The reason why the river can last for hundreds of years is due to the continuous flow of glacial melt water.

The disappearing River

After the snow on the glacier melts, the melt water will flow northward and finally into the Bering Sea. However, since 2016, due to the gradual reduction of the glacier area, a large amount of melt water will flow into the Gulf of Alaska. Since there is no birthplace, this century old river mysteriously disappeared in four days. This phenomenon has attracted the attention of the scientific community. Such behavior is tantamount to warning mankind that global warming is irresistible. A river that has been flowing for hundreds of years can disappear in a few days, let alone the decreasing glacier area.

After seeing this phenomenon, scientists also went to this area to explore. They found that when they arrived at the slyms River Basin, they found that the river bed here had basically dried up, and the oasis had become a desert. This change was too dramatic. According to scientists’ data, by 2016, the slyms river was on the verge of drying up. Scientists are very shocked after seeing this phenomenon. This phenomenon is rare in thousands of years. Unexpectedly, we are catching up with it.

In fact, since mankind entered the industrial society, the global temperature has begun to change. At that time, the structure of the earth’s atmosphere has changed. A large number of greenhouse gases make the temperature higher and higher. In recent years, we can often see the news of glacier melting. In fact, it didn’t form overnight. It was the last eruption after years of accumulation.

The mysterious disappearance of a river that has been flowing for hundreds of years has undoubtedly sounded an alarm for mankind. When Hawking was alive, he once warned mankind that if we no longer care for the environment, the earth will become a fireball in the future because of the rising temperature. If we can’t find a new home, then what is waiting for us will only come to an end. I don’t know what you think?

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