Can’t think of it? Your survival ability is closely related to the organ on your face!

Recently, British scientists have found that the reason why human beings can survive in harsh environment is that we have eyebrows. Haha, I’m surprised. Let’s see what’s going on

Our face is full of nerves, which also allows us to freely show a variety of expressions. Communicate your emotions to the outside world. In addition, eyebrows are also crucial for a person’s emotional expression. Especially for social communication. It is possible to judge a person’s inner feelings and thoughts through eyebrows. This may give us a unique evolutionary advantage. Natural selection, survival of the fittest. Maybe we choose nature by nature, or nature chooses us.

“Eyebrows are the missing piece of the puzzle that makes modern humans better able to get along with each other than extinct species,” penny spikins, one of the researchers, said in a paper

Compared with other types of human beings in earlier times, we have perfect eyebrows and prominent eyebrows, which are conducive to our better team communication and cooperation, and will not be eliminated by the harsh environment. In addition, the prominent brow bone also helps to protect the human skull. When the skull is severely impacted, the brow bone can temporarily buffer part of the pressure. And the eyebrow arch perfectly connects our skull and eye socket, which helps to protect our eyes from injury.

British researchers have carried out a comparative experiment by using 3D technology to restore Heidelberg’s skull, and found that Heidelberg’s eyebrow arch can not relieve the pressure given by the outside world. It’s because the size of the eyebrow arch is too big, but it doesn’t work. It can be seen that too large or too small eyebrow arch is not conducive to survival.

Later, humans gradually evolved a smoother forehead, more obvious eyebrows. Social communication is becoming more and more important. Everything is developing rapidly. Through the eyebrows, we can convey more abundant emotions and capture other people’s emotions sensitively. This may be an important factor for eyebrows as a human being to continue today! What do you think of that? Maybe human beings can continue to this day not only because they have eyebrows, but also because of the combination of many factors, or maybe it’s an accident. No matter how long the road is, we still need to continue to explore and discover.

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