Chang’e-4 sent back photos of the moon and captured 21.8 million tons of unidentified objects. Who left them?

Chang’e-4 sent back photos of the moon and captured 21.8 million tons of unidentified objects. Who left them?

Landing on the moon is the dream of mankind for thousands of years. Until the level of science and technology has been improved, this dream has finally become a reality. In 1969, the Apollo program was officially implemented, and Armstrong became the first person to land on the moon. He started a new journey to the moon, which is also a big step for human beings to step into outer space. This is only the beginning, but it deepens human’s understanding of the moon. When we really arrive at the moon, we will change our view of it. We thought that the moon is bright and there is the growth of all things. In fact, it is lifeless, it will not shine, and it is full of darkness.

Without the protection of the atmosphere, its surface was bumped by meteorites, and there was no smooth place. Even though the environment of the moon is much worse than that of the earth, the exploration of the moon has never stopped. Many probes have been launched to land on the moon, and many important information has been sent back. Among them, the flight of chang’e-4 is quite difficult, and its designated mission is relatively complex, landing from the back of the moon. Chang’e-4 sent back photos of the moon and captured 21.8 million tons of unidentified objects. Who left them?

What does the back of the moon look like?

As we all know, the moon does not rotate. When it moves around the earth, only one side faces the other side of the earth, and it always exists in the dark. No one has ever seen its true face. Generally speaking, when a spaceship lands on the back of the moon, the radio between it and the earth will be temporarily interrupted, and communication will be restored only after it flies out of orbit. The landing of chang’e-4 from the back is a very important task Big challenge. Chang’e-4 finally overcame many difficulties and landed successfully. Later researchers found that the moon contains a lot of olivine.

At the same time, chang’e-4 also discovered the moon’s amazing secrets. It is said that there are 21.8 million tons of metal foreign bodies hidden on the surface of the moon. Many people wonder how these metal foreign bodies came from? With such a large area, it is obvious that it was not formed in a day or two. Maybe it is as old as the earth. After in-depth study, scientists preliminarily determined that the existence of these metal foreign bodies may be left by multiple impacts of asteroids.

How does the metal foreign body on the back of the moon form?

Every time an asteroid hits the moon, it will produce high temperature, and all the materials will enter the melting state. Over time, it will slowly accumulate into so many metal foreign bodies. This is just a guess of scientists, and scientists are unable to explain whether the result is true or not. In order to reveal the secrets of the moon, human beings have made great efforts to build lunar bases, build various kinds of detectors, and try to completely reveal the secrets of the moon. Although the process is long and complex, human yearning and awe for the earth can not be easily erased.

In history, there are many myths and legends about the moon, which have put a mysterious veil on it. What is the true face of the moon? I believe that through human efforts, we can really see it one day in the future. What is the moon like in your eyes? How do you think the 2180 tons of metal foreign bodies discovered by scientists were formed? You can leave a message for interaction.

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