Chen Weiting’s model girlfriend Bruna was attacked by netizens. Netizens really have nothing to worry about

Today, an entertainment news has detonated the network and the circle of friends. It is reported that Chen Weiting’s model girlfriend Bruna has been attacked by netizens. Chen Weiting has been accused of dating 24-year-old Brazilian model Bruna for one year.

As Bruna frequently reveals his happiness as his girlfriend on the Internet, this kind of behavior has brought a lot of trouble to him. In fact, this kind of happiness is a very normal thing in European and American countries, especially for girls in Brazil, which is relatively open, and it’s nothing to sun pictures and happiness.

But this is not the case in China’s entertainment circle. As we all know, the domestic entertainment circle is most afraid of all kinds of sun exposure. It will not only attract attacks from fans, but also attract reports from all kinds of media. It is often white that can be described as black, and nothing can be said as black.

The stars in China’s entertainment circle are most afraid that their private lives will be known by the outside world. Even a very common thing may cause great trouble to themselves. This incident of Chen Weiting’s girlfriend has attracted the attack of netizens. The words are fierce. Let’s enjoy it.

In fact, I don’t hate you, and I don’t object to his love. It’s just that Chinese culture is more traditional. He is a star, and his every move will be concerned. If you want to be the woman behind him, you should learn to be quiet and low-key, and don’t delay his career. It’s not easy for him to get to today, and fans are afraid that he will let you down because of this relationship All previous efforts are in vain. This circle is very small. Please don’t embarrass him. Isn’t it good to learn to be a quiet and kind woman? Your pattern determines your future. As a girlfriend, you deprive him of the right to decide. It doesn’t matter whether the relationship is between lovers or not. It’s who decides. If you are smart, be good. Don’t touch the bottom line of fans easily. If you don’t understand China’s entertainment industry, please do your homework and learn from others.

How do you feel after reading the above words of this fan? But I want to say only one sentence: nothing to do when you are full, what to worry about. China’s entertainment industry and fans are now in a morbid atmosphere. The entertainment industry is in chaos, and the fans are mentally handicapped. Why do Chinese people regard these fans as mentally handicapped? It’s just that the brain is short of a string. I care more about my idol than about myself, my parents and my family. My parents really have something to do. I guess they didn’t care so much

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