Chernobyl’s new biological, eat radiation to produce energy, solve space radiation by it!

Chernobyl’s new biological, eat radiation to produce energy, solve space radiation by it!

Exploring outer space is a huge project. Over the years, human beings have never given up. At present, the problem to be solved is space radiation. Although the astronauts put on thick spacesuits and wrap their whole body, the intensity of space radiation is very high, which will inevitably cause harm to the astronauts’ body. Therefore, solving the problem of space radiation has become the top priority. If human beings can find a kind of biology that feeds on radiation, there will be a major breakthrough in transforming radiation into energy.

It must be in everyone’s mind that Godzilla got enough inspiration from the nuclear explosion experiment in the United States to create this super destructive monster. Obviously, in the real world, Godzilla can’t exist, but the creatures that feed on radiation once appeared in Chernobyl. The Chernobyl area is known as the forbidden area for human beings, because there was a nuclear leak here, which led to the emission of countless radiation into the atmosphere. The living creatures here have become miserable. Some of them have become huge due to their mutation, and some of them are heading for a road of no return. Chernobyl’s new biological, eat radiation to produce energy, solve space radiation by it!

Changes in the Chernobyl region

April 26, 1986 was the most unforgettable day. More than 300000 people were affected by radiation, of which less than half died in pain, and only a few escaped. The city has become desolate and crowded. Until a few years later, there are signs of recovery of all things. Unexpectedly, many years later, the ruins can become a paradise for animals.

With the passage of time, the radiation concentration of Chernobyl decreased significantly. When scientists investigated the biology, they found a strange fungus, which is called Cladosporium Sphaerospermum has a very effective effect against radiation, because there is a kind of melanin in its body, which can convert radiation into bioenergy and store this energy in the body. The most incredible thing is that it also has the ability of self repair and replication. If it can be widely used in the space field, it will ensure that astronauts will not be threatened by space radiation.

The researchers experimented with new organisms

Some researchers have taken it into space for relevant experiments. During the experiment, researchers were surprised to find that it can indeed resist radiation, because there are black patches in its body that can be converted into its own energy. In the future, humans may be able to make a biological sunscreen to resist radiation in the universe. It is understood that the radiation of astronauts in space is dozens of times that of the earth, which has a profound impact. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to put on a layer of sunscreen when exploring outer space, which has a far-reaching impact.

It’s a great honor for human beings to find this kind of fungus that feeds on radiation. It provides a better idea for solving the problem of space radiation. If this fungus can reproduce indefinitely in the future, it’s no problem to solve the problem of radiation. Scientists’ efforts were not in vain after all. They found this fungus in the Chernobyl area, bringing more hope for human exploration of outer space. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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