Chimpanzees almost became humans? A gorilla gene mutation, only 1.2% different from human

There are still many controversies about Darwin’s “theory of evolution”. Although the origin of human beings is not necessarily related to “evolution”, the weight of human beings will change imperceptibly in time, and human beings will “evolve” slowly in time! The disappearance of dingdinggu in the human body is indeed an evolution of human beings to some extent. Today, scientists have found that the gene of an orangutan has mutated, almost becoming a human being. The gene is only 1% different from that of human beings!

Since the “theory of evolution” is well known by people, orangutans and humans have been inextricably linked. Some people think that humans are evolved from ancient apes, and orangutans are also the closest animal to humans. There is only one difference between the success and failure of orangutans, and the success or failure gene of this Orangutan is only 1%! The biggest difference between apes and monkeys is that they have no tail, but their genetic similarity has reached 96.4%, and they can also carry things with their hands and feet, but their communication does not use sound. Their average life expectancy has reached 40 years, and their average height has reached 171-180 cm, which is known as “the most direct relative of human beings”!

The special relationship between apes and human beings has finally attracted the attention of scientists. Human beings have finally taken action against apes. It turned out that only the Japanese carried out “human animal hybridization” on apes. Now, scientists have actually carried out hybridization on apes, but this experiment has finally disappeared in the long river of time!

However, an orangutan named Oliver once again makes scientists suspect that its behavior is very similar to that of human beings. It can walk upright, has sparse hair on its head, and its mouth is completely different from other orangutans. Other orangutans have a hoarse and harsh voice, but Oliver’s voice is very comfortable. After a long life, they will do some housework, or even not communicate with their mother Contact, but contact with human women, but they did not do too much too much!

For scientists, Oliver’s behavior reminds them of a case of chimpanzee and human hybridization. When he was found, he did not leave with his parents, which is a pity for him, because it is very possible to find the clue of hybridization with him in his parents! Although the scientists who initially carried out this kind of experiment have been arrested, it does not mean that the initial experiment did not succeed! A zoologist questioned this. He asked for an examination of some tissues on Oliver’s body. It was found that no one could believe that Oliver had 47 chromosomes. Is this the species being hybridized?

But this result is not the final result, and it may not be the final result. In 1996, a Chicago genetics scientist conducted another test. The report showed that Oliver had 48 chromosomes in his body. At the same time, he also examined other parts of his skull and confirmed that Oliver was a common orangutan. However, many of Oliver’s characteristics and behaviors are questionable! On average, the life span of a gorilla is about 40 years, while that of a young gorilla is 55 years. What does that mean?

Although the intelligence quotient of apes is very high, there is still a gap compared with that of human beings. However, for apes, “evolution” is only a matter of time for them. It is unknown whether they can go further with human beings in the future, but the 1% genetic difference is enough to make human beings cautious!

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