Chimpanzees, who were sent into space by human beings, returned to earth and scientists found something wrong!

What happened to the chimpanzee who was sent into space 50 years ago?

There are many phenomena in life that can not be explained by science. For example, when a person is very sad, he can’t stop crying. If he looks up at the sky, tears will return to his eyes. There is a mysterious force, which is still puzzling. Since ancient times, many scholars and poets have placed their emotions in space. Space is a mysterious world. Due to the limitations of science and technology in the early days, even if you want to go into space, it is impossible to achieve.

Since entering the modern society and ushering in a new era of space, human beings have finally had the opportunity to go to space to have a look. In fact, the first time human beings looked up at the sky was 400 years ago when Galileo pointed his telescope at the sky and found many twinkling stars. It was not until the middle of the 20th century that man made a deep exploration of space. The world’s first man-made satellite was launched by the former Soviet Union in 1957. At that time, it circled the earth more than 1400 times and lasted for three months. Unfortunately, when it entered the atmosphere, it crashed directly, which was very painful. What happened to the chimpanzee who was sent into space 50 years ago?

Man made satellites launched in human history

In 1961, Gagarin boarded space on Russian Dongfang 1 and flew around the space for 108 minutes, becoming the first person to enter space. At that time, the former Soviet Union had extremely high attainments in the field of space, and even the United States was astonished. Naturally, the United States did not want to lag behind and kept up with the pace of the Soviet Union. In 1969, the launch of Apollo 11 left a step under the moon, which also proved the great leap forward progress of human beings in the space field.

The space environment is unknown. If the astronauts are sent in rashly, there will be many potential risks, and it is difficult to guarantee the safe landing. Therefore, scientists will focus on small animals. Their main task is to complete this link for human beings and make contributions to the space field. The first creature to enter space was Leica, a stray dog. It died only a few hours after it went into space, and the experiment ended in failure.

The first chimpanzee to return to earth

However, one chimpanzee set a record. After a long period of training, NASA sent the chimpanzee into space. Although there were some problems in the flight, the chimpanzee finally survived. Due to the unstable space environment and excessive radiation, the chimpanzee finally died at the age of 17. Compared with the life span of orangutans in the past, it is indeed affected by space. But this chimpanzee has made a remarkable contribution, it has given us a deeper understanding of space. Although they are all small animals, they have made great contributions. At that time, after the chimpanzee returned to earth, scientists also awarded it an apple.

Many people think that this experiment is too cruel. In fact, it is a last resort. All things in the world are spiritual, and so are animals. Although they have no human brain, no consciousness and wisdom, they are also members of nature. Their contribution to the space field is worthy of praise. What do you think of this chimpanzee who went into space in history? You can leave a message for interaction.

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