China has discovered new energy, accounting for 40% of the world’s reserves. The future development of energy is in space

Human beings, born millions of years ago, are the only intelligent civilization on earth, standing at the top of the biological chain. It has been about ten thousand years since the Neolithic age. The real period of rapid development of mankind is actually the beginning of the industrial revolution 300 years ago. The emergence of the industrial revolution marks the beginning of the era of scientific and technological development of human civilization.

The rapid development of science and technology makes people’s life better and better, and also makes human civilization develop by leaps and bounds. Now we are out of the mystery that the earth began to explore. I believe many people know that the development of science and technology is inseparable from rich energy. If there is no energy, the pace of scientific and technological development will stop.

At present, the energy used by human beings is mainly based on the earth’s non renewable resources, such as coal, oil, natural gas, etc. the formation of these energy sources will take hundreds of millions of years, so they will not be used up if they are used up. The earth is rich in resources, in addition to the energy we use now, there are many undeveloped new energy, such as the huge reserves of combustible ice in the deep sea.

China is a big country in the world. In addition to the world’s largest population resources, it also has the world’s largest reserves of various resources. In addition to coal, oil, natural gas and other resources, according to the latest research progress of Chinese scientists, China has discovered a large amount of shale gas in Sichuan Basin, and its reserves have reached 40% of the world’s, far exceeding the reserves of other countries.

Shale gas is a kind of unconventional natural gas existing in organic rich shale and its interlayer, mainly in the form of adsorption and free state, mainly composed of methane. It is a clean and efficient energy resource and chemical raw material, which is mainly used for residential gas, urban heating, power generation, automobile fuel and chemical production.

Countries all over the world are studying the exploitation and utilization of shale gas, and the United States has been exploiting shale gas for more than 80 years. Although China started late, its abundant shale gas reserves make other countries envious. Although China is rich in various kinds of energy reserves, with the rapid development of science and technology, these energy resources will not take too long. In the future, China will still face the problem of resource depletion.

Of course, resource depletion in the future is not only a problem for China, it is also a problem for human beings all over the world. If human beings and science and technology want to maintain high-speed development, they need continuous energy support. The earth’s energy is limited, and only space resources are unlimited. Therefore, the future development of human energy is in space.

Let’s not talk about the vast universe and unlimited resources. Let’s take the small solar system where we live. If human beings can make full use of the solar energy, it can meet the resource needs of human civilization for tens of thousands of years. So does the solar system have such huge energy reserves? Of course, there are so many. Some people may think that the wealth of the solar system is the eight planets. In fact, it is not. The real wealth of the solar system is asteroids. I believe many people know that there are two asteroid belts in the solar system. One is the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The number of asteroids here is no less than 500000. They are precious resource planets.

Another asteroid belt is the Kuiper belt at the edge of the solar system. The Kuiper belt is an environmental belt around the entire solar system. It looks like the protective cover of the solar system. In fact, it is composed of numerous asteroids and other celestial bodies. At present, scientists know very little about the Kuiper belt. They only know that there are so many asteroids in it that they can’t be estimated. The number is calculated in billions.

These two asteroid belts are the most precious resources for human beings in the future. With the rapid development of human science and technology, space mining will become a trend in the future. Now all countries in the world are actively studying and exploring space mining, but at present, human science and technology can not do it. However, this day will not be too far away.

As long as human energy can achieve a major breakthrough, such as the mastery of controllable nuclear fusion, then the era of space mining will come. At that time, the whole mankind will participate in space mining. The solar system will form multiple asteroid mining sites, and the mining spacecraft will pull the asteroids in the asteroid belt one by one to the space mining sites, and then decompose them to get people Class needs all kinds of resources.

Of course, the exploitation of space resources is still a little far away. If it develops fast enough, it will take 50 years for mankind to realize space mining, and it will take at least 100 years for mankind to realize the era of space mining for all. Before human beings have the ability to exploit space resources, we still need to make good use of the earth’s resources. The earth has not been able to fully utilize the resources of research and exploration, such as combustible ice, shale gas and so on.

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