China originally planned to launch artificial moon in 2020, and two in 2022. Why not follow?

The relationship between the moon and the earth is very close, it is with the existence of the moon, we will not feel panic in the dark night. In 1993, a bright light beam appeared over southern Europe. The light beam went directly through Europe and finally disappeared into the sky. In fact, this is not a UFO, but an artificial moon launched by Russia. If humans can create an artificial moon, it can emit eight times as much light as the full moon.

Russia’s artificial moon program

The man-made moon launched by Russia separated from the space station and formed a 5000 meter wide spot on the ground through the reflection of the thin film mirror. After seeing this result, Russia is also more confident. They plan to implement the second man-made moon program in 1999. If the second program is successful, the brightness of the man-made moon will be equal to 10 full moons. However, the development of science is not achieved overnight. The second plan is not smooth. After the man-made moon was launched this time, the communication antenna suddenly unfolded, and the staff can only watch the mirror being torn.

The cost of the artificial moon project is very high. Since the failure of the second experiment, Russia has no plan to build an artificial moon. With the development of science and technology, China has also become a big country in science and technology. In 2018, Chinese scientists claimed that the artificial moon will be launched in 2020, which can provide lighting services at night. If the artificial moon is successfully launched in 2020, two more artificial moons will be launched before 2022, which can achieve 24-hour uninterrupted lighting.

Why is China’s artificial moon gone?

Now that 2020 is over and we are entering 2021, many people wonder why the man-made moon project proposed by scientists is no longer followed? According to our understanding, scientists from Chengdu made the plan. Although the plan proposed by them is very promising, it also caused an uproar on the Internet. Many people think that the artificial moon is still very far away from us, and it can’t be realized at the current level of science and technology. We can’t become a fat man in one gulp. Some people also think that the artificial moon is far away from us On the contrary, it will make light pollution more serious, which will make the earth’s environment worse.

Therefore, the plan of artificial moon is extremely controversial. Now it has entered 2021, and this plan has long been forgotten by people. If the level of human science and technology can allow it, can we realize the artificial moon plan?

Is artificial moon feasible?

Scientists think it is feasible in theory, but the cost is very high. In order for the artificial moon to shine continuously, there must be a place to receive the continuous illumination of the artificial moon. Moreover, the area to be irradiated should not be too small. According to the Russian plan, if we want to achieve the ideal level, we must need 76404 square meters of reflection area. Because the artificial moon will not stay in the static orbit for a long time, we have to spend extra power to control the action of the artificial moon, or change the structure of the artificial moon, which means that the required funds are very high. It is not proper to spend such a high cost to make a flashy object. So far, there is no breakthrough in the artificial moon plan. It may take a long time to see the second moon.

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