China to the United States flight, the shortest straight line but bypass the Pacific? What are they avoiding?

With the relaxation of visa policy in the United States, many people like to travel or settle in the United States. In the eyes of Chinese people, going to the United States is a very fashionable thing. Many Chinese prefer to live in a foreign country and live a hard life rather than go back to China to fight. In their eyes, the United States should be full of gold. Even if they have a meal, they will show off in front of their relatives and friends. After all, not everyone has the capital to go abroad at will. So what kind of transportation do you choose from China to the United States? The essential means of transportation is the plane, which is convenient and time-saving. However, many people can’t help asking: “why does the flight from China to the United States bypass the Pacific Ocean, which is the shortest straight line? What important reasons are hidden in it? “

Distance between Shanghai and Los Angeles in horizontal map

The most convenient means of transportation from China to the United States — aircraft

With the continuous development of modern life economy, more and more types of transportation, more and more advanced, before we dare not expect the place, now take the convenient transportation can go to the place we yearn for. We can reach the farthest places not only at home, but also abroad. For example, the only convenient way for Chinese people to go to the United States is by plane.

Some people will “talk about aircraft color”, and always think that the hidden danger of aircraft is great, the air crash is the most terrible accident, and the survival rate is very low. Unlike a train, it can stop in case of emergency. People in the car can get off the train directly, but the plane can’t. In case of any emergency in the air, it can’t jump. However, in fact, we are all wrong, in this world, but in fact, the plane is the safest means of transportation in the world. From design to production, and then to put into use, every link has strict requirements. Only when the aircraft reaches the safety index, can it be airworthy. When the plane is flying, it is not only afraid of bird impact, but also most afraid of sensitive weather changes.

But in the flight route, not all routes are straight lines. For example, from China to the United States, we chose the route of seeking distance from the near. The whole flight time reached more than 12 hours.

Distance between Shanghai and Los Angeles in vertical map

Why don’t you dare to cross the Pacific Ocean and choose the route of seeking distance from the near?

In our daily life, we all know that the shortest distance between two points and one line is the best shortcut. Just like there is only one Pacific Ocean between China and the United States, in other words, the shortest route from China to the United States is across the Pacific Ocean. Why did the plane choose to fly north first, then south after passing through the Bering Strait, and finally arrive at the US airport instead of crossing the Pacific Ocean? What can Airlines avoid?

1. The weather in the Pacific is changing rapidly, which is not conducive to the safe flight of aircraft

The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on earth. It is located between Asia, Oceania, Antarctica and North and South America. Its east-west width has reached more than 19000 kilometers. It is easy to form violent tropical storms in summer and autumn, which is what we call typhoons. The weather over the sea is changing rapidly. Maybe the first second is sunny, then the next second will become overcast. After the strong airflow is generated, flying in bad weather is easy to make the aircraft produce rapid bumps, and even short-term out of control. In addition, there is no firm fixed object in the cabin, and people are easily thrown out due to the impact force. Unless the safety belt is fastened, they will also feel this kind of strong bumps.

Most of the clear sky in the Pacific Ocean will burst out at any time like the turbulent undercurrent hidden under the calm sea. Unable to grasp the specific climate and environment, it is very difficult for aircraft to find the landing place in such abrupt weather, even the alternate airport. For example, the aircraft will determine the alternate airport of this flight before each take-off. Generally speaking, the alternate route will choose the middle of the flight route. Even in case of emergency, the aircraft will have the alternate airport for security. For safety reasons, in the planning of air routes, the aircraft will basically circle around the Arctic, and then fly to the United States. In the vast Pacific Ocean, there are many unpredictable risk factors. If an aircraft wants to make an emergency landing, it is the most difficult to find a landing site. In the case of climate change, the aircraft is prone to flight accidents, once it is too late to deal with, it is easy to cause passenger injury, and even endanger personal safety.

2. Saving fuel and time and maximizing the interests of airlines can kill two birds with one stone

There are numerous accidents in the world caused by aircraft without fuel, and the survival rate of such accidents is very low. For example, in August 2005, an ATR-72 aircraft of Tunisian Airlines misused the fuel display during maintenance, resulting in the aircraft running out of fuel over the Mediterranean area. However, the aircraft had no choice but to make a forced landing at sea, with the whole fuselage broken and 16 people killed. This is the most serious accident in the Mediterranean A tragic case.

No fuel is the most lethal. When the aircraft runs out of fuel, it automatically glides by relying on the rotating force generated by the rotor, just like when we are riding a bicycle on a downhill, we don’t have to rely on manual force to pedal hard. The accidents caused by this kind of aircraft running out of fuel are very terrible, and the survival rate will be very small.

So when crossing the Pacific Ocean, fuel plays a very important role for the aircraft. Once crossing the Pacific Ocean, when there is an emergency, the aircraft will not have enough fuel, and the aircraft will descend rapidly. If you choose parachute to jump into the sea at this time, the following is the Pacific Ocean, which will only bring great difficulties to the rescue work. Therefore, instead of crossing the Pacific Ocean, the plane chooses to fly north and then south after passing through the Bering Strait, which not only saves time, but also saves a lot of cost and fuel, which is also killing two birds with one stone for airlines.

The picture shows the accident of Tunisian International Airlines flight 1153

3. The earth is not a circle, but an ellipse. Crossing the Pacific is not the shortest distance

I don’t know when, in our memory, the earth is round, like a ball, in constant rotation. The circumference of the earth measured from the south pole to the north pole is 408 km. If it is measured around the equator, it is 472 km. Under the influence of mass and gravity, the earth keeps rotating for billions of years. The equator rotates the fastest and receives the greatest centrifugal force. It seems that the crust begins to protrude outward. In the long run, the “waistline” of the earth is gradually enlarged. What we can see is that In fact, the earth is not round, it is an oval sphere. In common maps, the distance between two points and one line is the shortest anywhere we see. However, from the appearance of 3D oval sphere, the arc formed by two points of the sphere and the plane perpendicular to the earth’s center is the shortest distance, which is called “great circle route” and “the most economical route”.

We are always used to seeing the world in two dimensions, but in fact, a line looks different in three dimensions. For example, in the globe, one section of a line is placed in Los Angeles, and the other section is placed in Shanghai. As the globe rotates rapidly, the line bends upward. In the actual process, the route from Shanghai to Los Angeles is a bit souther than the Da Yuan route we see. The plane will fly over Japan, pass through the Aleutian Islands, and finally arrive at Los Angeles. Although it seems that the route will be very long, the actual flight time is very short. The whole journey from Shanghai to Los Angeles is 10400 km, which takes 12 hours. With the influence of the prevailing wind between the high-altitude pressure belts in the southern hemisphere, the distance of the aircraft increases on the surface, but in fact, due to the influence of the wind, the speed of the aircraft increases, saving a lot of fuel and time.

The picture shows the Bering Strait

The shortest route from China to the United States: flying to North America is the shortest distance. Most routes need to change planes

China can’t cross the Pacific when flying to the United States. Is there the nearest distance? I think this question should be what many netizens want to know most. After all, whether it’s traveling to the United States or settling down in the United States, it’s a pursuit for Chinese people. Generally speaking, there are very few domestic direct flights to the United States. Most of them need to transfer, such as Washington, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo and so on. At present, the main direct flight is Boeing 787. Its flight route is North American, crossing the Bering Strait and then along the west coast of the Pacific Ocean to the United States, which is the shortest Distance.

At present, the flight time from China to Hawaii in the United States is relatively short. Hawaii is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to the west of the United States. It is formed by volcanic eruption. Its climate is mild and pleasant all year round, and all kinds of exotic flowers are blooming all over the mountains. Hawaii is only 3000 kilometers away from the United States and 6000 kilometers away from Heilongjiang Province, the nearest city in China. At present, only Beijing and Shanghai have direct flights to Hawaii, which takes about nine hours to reach its destination.

The picture shows the distance between Beijing and New York

However, for some people, what they are most concerned about is not the flight time or the flight distance, but how to transfer flights. For example, is there a direct flight route from China to San Francisco? San Francisco is located on the west coast of the United States. Compared with Hawaii, it is also closer to China. At present, Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu are the main direct flights to San Francisco. San Francisco’s main airport is located 21 kilometers south of the city. If it’s a direct flight from Chengdu to San Francisco, it takes about 14 hours. If it’s a direct flight from Shanghai, it takes only 11 hours.

Each route has its own regulations. The setting of the route can not be tampered with at will. The aircraft flies according to the route in the flight process. Once tampered with at will, it is easy to cause collision with other aircraft and security risks. So generally speaking, the advantages of not crossing the Pacific are greater than the disadvantages for both airlines and passengers.

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