China will explore Mars for the first time in 2020 to explore life information and migration environment, which is of great significance

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. For this beautiful home, everyone hopes that it can become a permanent place for human beings to live and survive, but the reality is often very cruel. With the frequent human activities, the earth’s ecological environment is deteriorating step by step. Some people may say that the earth’s ecological environment is only a matter of nearly a hundred years, and the ancient earth’s environment was not damaged. Is this really the case?

Of course not. In fact, since the birth of human ancestors, the ecological environment of the earth has been deteriorating step by step in the frequent activities of human beings. For example, Homo sapiens, the ancestor of modern human beings, originated in Africa. I believe many people know that the largest desert in the world, the Sahara desert, is in Africa. It covers an area of 9 million square kilometers, which is close to the area of China.

How did the vast Sahara Desert come into being? In fact, it is the constant destruction of nature by human ancestors in order to survive. It can be seen that human ancestors began to destroy the ecological environment of nature, but at that time, there was no science and technology, the population was very small, and the destruction of the ecological environment was less than that, so people didn’t feel it was very obvious.

However, with the continuous growth of the population, especially after entering the era of science and technology, a large number of industries appear, and the population increases sharply, so that the earth’s resources are rapidly consumed, and a large number of polluting gases are continuously discharged, resulting in the deterioration of the ecological environment is also accelerating. So many scientists are very worried about the future of the earth. For example, Hawking made several predictions about the fate of the earth, which are very bad results.

The earth may become an uninhabitable planet in the future, so what should we do? The only way out is to emigrate. Therefore, when human beings go out of the earth, exploring the second earth suitable for human survival becomes the focus. However, due to the limitation of human science and technology, even if the planets outside the solar system are good enough to be suitable for human habitation, we may not be able to achieve extrasolar migration for a long time in the future.

Therefore, we want to achieve alien migration in the next few hundred years, before the earth deteriorates to the point where it can’t live, and the planet we can choose can only be found in the solar system. And scientists are targeting Mars, the earth’s neighbor.

Although Mars is not a natural habitable planet, it may become a planet suitable for human survival after a series of transformation. Therefore, scientists began to explore Mars more than half a century ago. They successively explored Mars 45 times, but only 18 times were successful, with a success rate of only 40%.

Although the success rate is not high, but through a large number of explorers to Mars, we also have a lot of understanding of it. Although China’s space industry started late, its development speed is amazing. In recent years, it has completed various advanced space exploration missions, and in 2019, it will realize the first successful landing of human beings on lunar back. According to the news issued by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China will explore Mars for the first time in 2020 to explore the life information and migration environment on Mars, which is of great significance to China.

At present, although humans know a lot about Mars, several questions that scientists really pay attention to have not been answered, such as whether there is life on Mars? Is there abundant water resources under the surface of Mars? And these problems are very important for human beings. If we want to complete a series of transformation of Mars, abundant water resources are an important factor, and whether there is life on Mars is also very important for the safety of human migration to Mars in the future.

According to the current exploration of Mars, there are many ancient river beds on the surface of Mars, which shows that there are a lot of water resources on the surface of ancient Mars. Then, after a major accident, Mars lost water. Where is the lost water? According to the observation and theoretical research of scientists, the interaction between solar wind and Martian atmosphere can only cause 30% water loss on its surface.

In other words, 70% of the original large amount of water resources on the surface of Mars may not be lost on Mars, and they are likely to exist under the surface of Mars. If we can find a large amount of water resources under the surface of Mars, it is too important for the reconstruction of Mars and the survival of human beings, and it is also an important factor determining the success of Mars reconstruction.

China’s first Mars exploration mission in 2020 is not like NASA’s three-step mission in the past. First, it will be carried out by orbital probe, then by lander, and finally by Mars rover. China’s first Mars exploration mission combined these three steps together. That is to say, China’s Mars probe not only carries an orbiter and lander, but also carries a Mars rover that can walk on Mars.

From this, we can also see that China’s space technology is developing too fast, not inferior to the advanced space powers in the world. Mankind is moving towards space rapidly. In the future, all countries in the world will fight for space resources instead of earth resources. In space, before human beings have the ability to walk out of the solar system, what they can compete for is the resources of the solar system.

In the solar system, the planets close to the earth are undoubtedly the key targets for people to fight for, such as the moon and Mars. The moon is very close to the earth. It may not take long for the moon to be very busy. All countries in the world will set up mining bases on the moon to compete for the resources of the moon.

In addition to the moon, Mars is another important place for human beings to fight for. This is a huge territory. Who can land on Mars in advance for exploration will have an important weight in the future. And it’s not so easy to explore Mars. Even if a space power like the United States, the success rate of landing on Mars is not high.

And you don’t want to go to Mars at any time, because it takes 365 days for the earth to go around the sun, while it takes 687 days for Mars to go around the sun. “Sometimes the earth is on the side of the sun and Mars is on the side of the sun. You can’t get to Mars at all. So we must catch up with a critical time, that is, when there is a certain angle between the earth and Mars, we can launch the probe on the earth.

So when you launch a Mars probe from the earth, you only get a chance every 26 months. If you miss this chance, you will have to wait another 26 months, which is more than two years. And it takes about seven months to travel from earth to Mars.

In this case, the pace of human exploration of Mars is still accelerating. I believe that it will not be long before we can understand all the secrets of Mars. At that time, we believe that the human transformation of Mars will also begin. It’s not easy to transform Mars into a livable planet. It may take centuries or generations to make it. We are looking forward to the day when Mars can become a beautiful blue planet.

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