China will land on the moon again in December. The landing site is in the back of the moon!

As early as December 14, 2013, the good news that China’s chang’e-3 robot landed on the moon for the first time was that it chose to land in the circular area in the northwest front of the moon. When we landed on the moon, we all felt very proud as Chinese. Recently, the relevant scientists published a scientific paper, which accurately pointed out the landing time and landing place of chang’e-4, and described the geological structure of the area near the landing point. People who saw this news were shocked and excited.

With the development of science and technology, human beings have gradually landed on the moon, but we can only say that we only know the front of the moon. No one has ever set foot on the back of the moon. What will be there?

Since the American astronauts landed on the moon one after another and avoided talking about the back of the moon, all kinds of conjectures and opinions from the outside world have been spread, among which many authoritative scientists have also expressed their opinions, and several ideas have been contested. Many scientists boldly speculate that there are alien civilizations on the back of the moon, and numerous scientific research bases have been built. In fact, there are many conjectures about the back of the moon, but most of them are irrational conjectures because of the unknown. However, this time, the landing of chang’e-4 can finally reveal the mystery of the back of the moon! It can be said that the landing site of chang’e-4 has really attracted much attention.

Originally, the moon landing was in the plan until it was determined recently, because China’s science and technology level is constantly developing, overcoming one difficulty after another. Because the angle and speed of the moon’s revolution and rotation are the same, the front of the moon is always the front, and the back is always the back, which is not known by people. Chang’e-4, which is about to land on the back of the moon, will rely on the independently developed relay satellite “magpie bridge” to complete communication with the earth. China’s lunar landing plan will be one of the most breakthrough decisions for China’s development in 2018, and also one of the most difficult and complex tasks in China’s aerospace field. This will be different from previous achievements and has extraordinary significance for the progress of the whole mankind!

It’s about September. It’s only three months before the launch date of chang’e-4. Not only Chinese people are paying attention to it, but people all over the world are looking forward to it. No matter what secrets are hidden in the forbidden area behind the moon, China will act as a pioneer and leader in this area where no one has set foot to untie the mystery behind the moon for all mankind. I hope that this lunar landing program will be a perfect success and successfully land on the back of the moon, so as to send back precious information and messages to the people of the earth and promote the common development of China and all mankind!

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