China’s ancient temples are now “perpetual motion machines”? They can still operate normally for nearly a thousand years, leading the world for hundreds of years!

Ancient Chinese people are outstanding and talented. Many incredible inventions come from ancient China. Intelligent ancient people even apply scientific principles that seem to be understood by modern people just right, and combine them with superb skills to create many miracles!

There is a Yunyan temple in Sichuan Province. There is a flying collection in the temple, which has a history of nearly a thousand years. This precise mechanical design is no less than modern machinery, and can be called the treasure of Chinese civilization. Feitiancang is actually a bookcase that can be rotated. The design concept comes from the Song Dynasty’s “Jianzao fashi”, and the material comes from the precious Phoebe. In the middle is a column with a diameter of half a meter as the main axis. The bottom of the column is fixed on the iron hexagonal needle in the pit. The top end is wrapped in the beam of the room, and the outside is assembled with wooden beams and boards. The overall structure becomes an octagonal four story wooden tower, and the whole structure is complete Each tower does not use an iron nail. It is 10.8 meters high, 7.5 meters in diameter, and weighs about 5 tons. However, since it was built nearly a thousand years ago, one person can push it to rotate. If the Scriptures are affected by moisture, the wind generated by the rotation can blow them dry. There are very fine wood carvings and color paintings on the frame and wall of the tower, and a whole set of Taoist deities in the Song Dynasty were once carved A total of 204, 125. The structure of feitiancang is very delicate. All the weight is carried on the top of the central shaft, and the lower part of the shaft is equipped with cast iron single ball bearing to realize the overall rotation. People only need to drip vegetable oil to lubricate like maintaining modern machinery. When people walk around the central shaft on the stage, the wheel will move slowly in the opposite direction. This is the application of the principle of moment of momentum in physics. Although the whole Yunyan temple, including feitianzang, was damaged in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, it can still continue to operate after careful repair. It is the treasure of Yunyan temple. According to historical records, this type of machinery appeared 800 years later in Europe than in China.

In fact, China is the country with the earliest mechanical development in the world. There are many strange mechanical designs that are famous in the world, such as guide cars, seismographs, and even robots that can dance and collect money. Craftsmen can make so many practical and exquisite machines in the age of no computers and no electricity by using the principles of physics and unique exquisite design Mechanical design, we really want to be proud of our ancestors!

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