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It is said that in Mujing village, Sichuan Province, there was a stone dragon who insisted on practicing. Although he was successful, he was stopped by the jade emperor because of his impure blood. Therefore, Lei Gong split it into several sections, scattered on the ground and turned it into big stones; Lei Gong smashed a piece of flat ground, which is today’s Lei Da Ping; his eyes fell on the ground and became two wells 6 meters apart, one clear and one turbid, and the clear and turbid were exchanged. And every year, it will spray water from the well. Some people say that Shi Long is crying again.

Legend follows legend, but the two Yin Yang wells in Mujing village do have the following magical places:

1. Clear and turbid, clear and turbid exchange

One is called “shangmujing” and the other is “xiamujing”. One of the two wells must be clear and the other turbid, and it is not fixed. For example, if the current one is clear and the other is turbid, the next one will be turbid and the other clear.

2. The exchange time is fixed, which is the Mid Autumn Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival.

From the Dragon Boat Festival to the Mid Autumn Festival, the lower well is clear and the upper well is muddy; from the Dragon Boat Festival to the next Mid Autumn Festival, the lower well is muddy and the upper well is clear.

3. Sulfide has been detected in turbid well water, and clear well water can cure diseases after drinking.

The villagers said that the turbid matter in the turbid well water was produced by themselves, even if it was cleaned up, it would also be produced. According to the expert identification, the turbidity contains a large amount of sulfide, and there is no pollution source nearby (such as chemical plant, etc.). Another clear well water is said to have a good look after drinking. If you have diarrhea, you can recover after drinking it.

4. The two wells are only 6 meters apart

This is a very strange phenomenon. According to the local geographical conditions, it is not easy to drill a well. But why did you drill two wells at the same water source and the difference is only 6 meters? Is there really a geomancy master who guessed that there would be a “Yin Yang well” here?

Seeing this, I think all of you will feel very strange and speculate. Maybe your idea is really the right answer.

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