China’s artificial moon will illuminate the whole night sky. Is it good or bad?

The earth is the home of millions of human beings. Since ancient times, people have known that there are day and night in this home. The reason is caused by the rotation of the sun. When the earth rotates to the side facing the sun, it will be day on this side and night on the other side. So during the day in our country, it’s night in the United States.

It is with the day and night, people’s life also has a biological clock, work during the day, rest at night. Before human beings entered the era of science and technology, the night was really dark for people. The only light they could rely on was the stars and the moon in the sky. At most, oil lamps or candles were in the house, which was dark and bright.

In ancient times, people’s night travel mainly depended on the moon in the sky, which brought some light to the dark night, especially when the full moon came, the night was bright, and people’s travel was very convenient. But the moon will not have every day, and it will not be full every day. Most of the time, the night is still very dark.

However, since mankind entered the era of science and technology, with electricity, the situation is completely different. With electricity, with electric lights, people’s night is no longer dark. Our house turns on the light at night and the room is bright. The installation of street lamps on the street can also illuminate the road and facilitate people’s travel. Many big cities also have various night scenes, which are very beautiful and spectacular.

However, the extensive use of street lamps also brings the power supply pressure of power plants. Increasing the power supply capacity of power plants will increase the emission of exhaust gas, causing environmental pollution. Therefore, Chinese scientists began to study a natural way of lighting: artificial moon. It can provide a natural way of lighting for a city instead of street lamps.

According to the plan, China plans to launch an artificial moon in 2020 to replace the lighting function of urban street lamps, illuminate Chengdu, increase urban tourism revenue, and reduce the expenditure on electricity. Many people may think that the artificial moon is very tall, but in fact, the principle of the artificial moon is very simple. It is not a moon like the moon, but a satellite.

This satellite is different from ordinary satellites. It is mainly used to reflect light. There is a layer of luminous coating on the artificial moon. By using a sail component similar to a solar panel, the artificial moon’s panel is continuously adjusted to focus light on a certain area. Through the reflection of sunlight to bring light to the ground, its brightness is 8 times of the real moon, which is very bright, can completely replace the street lamp.

After the appearance of the artificial moon project, people have different views on it, so is it good or bad? In fact, man-made moon brings both advantages and disadvantages to the earth and people. Let’s talk about its advantages first. Its advantages are very obvious, that is, it is bright, 8 times brighter than the real moon, which can completely illuminate the night of a city, and it is not the narrow light of the street lamp, but the light of the whole night sky. It will be a beautiful night scene.

There are many other advantages, such as reducing the pressure of power supply, saving a lot of electricity expenses for each city, and it is also a kind of clean energy and will not cause any pollution. The indirect advantage is that it can reduce air pollution. We need to know that our current power generation mode is mainly chemical energy power generation. Whether it is coal power generation or nuclear power generation, it will cause pollution to the earth’s ecological environment. The larger the power generation, the more pollution.

If every city has artificial moon lighting, after completely replacing the night street lights, a lot of electricity will be saved, and the power generation of power plants will also be reduced, which will virtually reduce the pollution to the environment and make a great contribution to the earth’s environmental protection. There are many advantages of artificial moon, but everything has two sides. There are both advantages and disadvantages. The artificial moon has its disadvantages.

The first disadvantage is that the artificial moon will make the night sky disappear. Now we can see the stars in the sky and the beautiful night sky scenery at night, especially for children. By watching the night sky, we can cultivate their endless fantasy of natural science and the universe, which is conducive to children’s scientific growth.

But if the artificial moon appears and the night sky is illuminated, all the stars will disappear, and the real moon will be very dim or invisible in the light of the artificial moon. This will make people forget the moon and countless stars.

The second disadvantage is that it may disrupt the natural ecosystem. The earth’s stable ecosystem is formed by the continuous evolution of the earth after billions of years, in which the alternation of day and night plays an important role. For example, plants in the daytime photosynthesis, rest at night, many animals are nocturnal animals, they will come out at night looking for food.

However, if the artificial moon appears and the night is no longer dark, the photosynthesis of plants will continue. Although it is not as strong as that in the daytime, there will also be a certain amount of photosynthesis, which completely disrupts the ecological cycle of plants. What impact will it bring to plants in the long run is also unknown. The night is bright. What should the animals do? It is estimated that these nocturnal animals will be very uncomfortable and the biological system will be completely disrupted.

The most uncertain factor brought by the artificial moon is also the impact on the earth’s ecosystem. When the ecological environment is no longer divided into day and night, the possible impact is unpredictable. The impact may be very small and neglected, and the impact may be very large, with some serious consequences.

The third disadvantage is that not everyone likes bright nights. For us, night is a place to rest. When we rest at night, people should turn off the lights and leave the rest room in a dark state. Only in this way can we sleep more easily and get enough sleep, and have better mental work the next day.

But if the artificial moon appears, its brightness is 8 times that of the real moon. With such high brightness, it can be said that there is no difference between night and day, except for the high temperature without the sun. In this case, if people want to have a rest at night, it may be difficult to close the curtains completely and block the light outside. The room is no longer dark, which may affect the sleep quality of many people.

Not everyone likes bright night, but many people like the dim light night under the real moon. They can not only watch the stars in the sky, but also enjoy the darkness and tranquility of the night. Therefore, the appearance of artificial moon may bring a new kind of pollution: light pollution.

Of course, whether the appearance of artificial moon is good or bad still needs the test of time. In any case, the pace of science and technology will not stop. The appearance of artificial moon is also inevitable. It can bring new changes to human civilization. As for some bad effects, it may need to be adjusted continuously in the later use process.

Man made moon is a man-made satellite. It can adjust its position and brightness through ground control. If the brightness is too high, it will bring many bad things. It can reduce the brightness, for example, to the same brightness as the real moon, which will be much better. Moreover, the lighting time of the artificial moon can also be controlled. Many people will not rest at night. This time, the brightness can be adjusted to the maximum, so that people can enjoy the beautiful night scene.

When most people need to rest, for example, after 12 o’clock in the evening, the brightness of the artificial moon needs to be adjusted to the same level as the real moon, so that people’s rest will not be affected and the biological clock will not be disturbed. In a word, the artificial moon is planned to be launched in 2020, and the time is fast. If you want to experience what it feels like, you can go to Chengdu to enjoy it. It must be a shocking thing to the world.

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