China’s first beauty robot was born, will the future robot wife become the trend of the times?

With the continuous progress of human science and technology civilization, artificial intelligence is also in constant progress, the corresponding intelligent robot has been produced, and now some jobs have been replaced by robots. In the future, more robots will replace human beings to complete some high-risk, difficult and high-intensity work.

Some robots need a beautiful appearance because of their special work, so the simulated skin is born. The outer layer of the robot is wrapped with the simulated skin, so it has the same appearance as human beings. In this way, it can be competent for some service jobs, such as intelligent robot attendants in hotels, some beautiful robot attendants in hotels, and so on. Male robots can act as bodyguards, Escort work.

The first beauty robot of artificial intelligence, which is independently developed in China, has also been born. It uses artificial skin. From the appearance, it is a beauty. Wearing wigs and beautiful clothes, it absolutely fascinates a large number of bachelors. Some bachelors may want to ask, does the birth of intelligent beauty robot mean that there is a chance to marry a beauty robot in the future? I’ll discuss this with my friends.

Science and technology have created a miracle. The birth of artificial intelligence beauty robot will bring some changes to people’s life in the future. Once the machine has a certain intelligence, the meaning is completely different. She can take on a lot of work, such as washing clothes, cooking, doing housework and looking after children. In the past, these jobs were either done by themselves or by looking for nannies.

The biggest advantage of intelligent beauty robot is obedience. You will never complain about what you want to do. Some friends say that this is the wife of their dreams. Which man doesn’t want to find a beautiful, gentle and kind-hearted wife who can cook, likes to do housework and is especially obedient and won’t lose his temper? It is estimated that 90% of the men in the world have this idea, but in fact, do they have such wives? It’s more difficult to find such a wife than to win the lottery.

In addition to having no idea of their own, intelligent beauty robots are all in line with men’s criteria for finding an ideal wife, and they are absolutely beautiful women, and they can even be customized according to their own requirements.

It is estimated that the future intelligent robot company will have such a beautiful robot wife business. The company will produce beautiful robots with different appearance, different functions and different prices for users to choose from, and can also accept user customization. And some men will choose such a beautiful robot as their wife. Robot wives may become a new trend.

Besides some bachelors will choose such intelligent beauty robots, some married families will also choose them. Of course, instead of buying them back to be wives, they will be housekeepers, washing clothes, cooking, doing housework and looking after children, all of which will be done by robots. In this way, the host will relax and have more time to do other things.

The future intelligent beauty robot may become the trend of the times. Like the current smart phone, people can’t do without it. The future intelligent beauty robot is the same. It is not only a good wife, a good housekeeper, a good nanny, but also a mobile computer. The essence of beauty robot is artificial intelligence. It is a computer and can be used by itself Connect to the Internet and find out the information you need.

Artificial intelligence robot has so many advantages, but people still have a kind of courage. I believe that those who have seen movies like robot war all know that once artificial intelligence has its own ideas, it is no longer a machine, but another kind of life: mechanical life. Once robots have their own thoughts, thoughts and feelings, they have evolved into another kind of life, and become intelligent life just like human beings.

At this time, will AI continue to obey human management and serve human beings? This is also the courage of scientists. The famous physicist Hawking said that artificial intelligence will become a big threat to human beings in the future.

Although it is possible that artificial intelligence will evolve into another kind of life in the future, the pace of science can not be stopped. What we see more is the revolutionary development brought by artificial intelligence. I believe that after the birth of real artificial intelligence, scientists will also take a lot of encryption measures, and the possibility of artificial intelligence to evolve its own thinking is extremely low. What do you think of the future of the beautiful robot wife? Welcome to comment below.

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