China’s first female frozen man plans to resurrect and thaw in 50 years. What’s going on now?

China’s first female frozen man plans to resurrect and thaw in 50 years. What’s going on now?

Almost every emperor paid too much for the temptation of immortality. No matter how much manpower and material resources are consumed, they all want to achieve it, but the final result is not satisfactory. Up to now, some people are still looking for the elixir of immortality. Once the myth “journey to the west” pointed out that eating Tangseng meat can live forever, but where is Tangseng meat in real life? This is nonsense.

In 1994, a technology was put forward, that is, human body freezing technology, which constantly pushed forward. Robert aitinger founded the first research institute and began to practice boundlessly. Theoretically speaking, everyone will be aging, because with the growth of age, cells will continue to differentiate and function will gradually fail. However, freezing the human body will enter a dormancy period, which will not really die, but will be in a state of low temperature dormancy. If it can be achieved, then longevity will not be far away from human beings. China’s first female frozen man plans to resurrect and thaw in 50 years. What’s going on now?

Zhan Wenlian’s life experience

There was once a woman named Zhan Wenlian, who had many changes in her life. She loved her husband very much and never gave up on him when she was in the most difficult time. However, her happy days didn’t last long. In 2015, she was diagnosed with lung cancer during her physical examination, and she was in advanced stage. Her family was very sad, but she could only accept the reality. Chemotherapy again and again made Zhan Wenlian more haggard and listless. At that time, there was no effective way to curb the spread of cancer cells.

By chance, her husband learned about human body freezing technology. Although there are more than 300 cases in the world, there is no such case in China, because the risk is too great. The only difficulty for her husband is that she can’t let him go into hibernation in 196?

Does she have a chance of resurrection?

During freezing, all the cells stop moving. If thawed at will, the cells will be damaged. In the future, I don’t know if Zhan Wenlian can revive. Her husband can only look forward to it night and night. Maybe after 50 years of thawing, it’s not certain that she can revive. Today’s science and technology has made obvious progress, and the human body freezing technology is improving day by day. Some people firmly believe that one day this technology will be a great success and become the only way to achieve immortality.

However, have you ever thought about a problem that people have to experience life, aging, illness and death from birth? This is an eternal law in nature. If they violate it, they will be punished by nature. Therefore, the resurrection of Zhan Wenlian is still unknown. However, many scientists do not want this experiment to be successful. After all, it is not in line with realistic logic, and it is also against moral common sense. Her husband is eager for her resurrection, looking forward to seeing one side, the reality is always cruel, or to face the reality. What else do you know about human freezing technology? You can leave a message for interaction.

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