China’s heavenly eye has found “the second earth”, with water and atmosphere, but scientists are full of worries!

China’s eye of heaven has made great contributions to find the “second home” of mankind. What has it found?

If you want to know how strong a country is, you can find it in many fields, such as economy, politics, science and technology. No matter what kind of Technology China created, it needed to rely on western countries. Since the upgrading of science and technology, he has finally got rid of the shackles of western countries and achieved self-sufficiency. He is also quite accomplished in the aerospace field. In 2003, Yang Liwei, on behalf of China, launched a new era of space flight. Since then, China’s pace in the aerospace field has never stopped.

China’s Tianyan’s contribution in three years

Until 2016, the world’s largest radio telescope was born. It is the Chinese sky eye, which is highly expected by human beings. China’s celestial eye has observed a wide range of objects, which gives people a deeper understanding of the universe. Once upon a time, China’s heavenly eye was questioned by many countries. They thought that there were many uncertain factors in China’s heavenly eye, which might expose the target. After all, in the vast universe, it is difficult for us to guarantee that there are no other advanced civilizations. If they found the human habitation through China’s heavenly eye, they might also attack the earth and seize resources. China’s eye of heaven has made great contributions to find the “second home” of mankind. What has it found?

So far, China’s sky eye has not had any malpractice. Instead, more than 90 pulsars have been discovered in three years, which is very impressive. Some time ago, China’s heavenly eye discovered another mysterious planet. After in-depth understanding, scientists found that the planet’s environment is highly similar to that of the earth. There is not only plenty of liquid water, but also atmosphere. If there is no accident, there may be a large number of green plants. The possibility of life is too great. The reason why human beings can live on the earth healthily and unharmed is that the earth provides a suitable environment, sufficient water, various resources and so on.

China’s heavenly eye finds a planet similar to the earth’s environment

Today, it should be a great pleasure for China’s heavenly eye to find another planet that is very similar to the earth. However, when scientists think of Hawking’s warning, they feel restless again. Hawking warned human beings that they should always pay attention to alien civilization while searching for the second earth. Since this planet has rich resources, life may have been born long ago Now, it’s not up to human beings to dominate, and Hawking’s worry is not unreasonable.

If human beings disturb them rashly, they may launch a fatal attack on human beings in order to protect themselves. With the current technology of human beings, they have no ability to compete with them. Therefore, when exploring any planet, we should first consider our own safety. In the face of alien civilization, maybe human beings are just a minion. It is worth praising that with the appearance of China’s heavenly eye, human beings have discovered one mysterious planet after another, which is of great significance to promote the development of human society.

Some people once put forward such a puzzle, what will happen if China’s heavenly eye is closed one day in the future? Obviously, it is impossible for China’s heavenly eye to be closed. Human beings will never stop searching for a second home. The existence of China’s heavenly eye is of great significance. It gives human beings a new understanding of the universe. What do you think of China’s heavenly eye? You can leave a message for interaction.

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