China’s heavenly eye is about to join the search for extraterrestrial civilization. Can it discover the existence of extraterrestrial civilization?

Human beings have never given up searching for extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization since they came out of the earth to explore the universe. However, decades later, even the simplest extraterrestrial life has not been found, let alone the same intelligent civilization as human beings. So is there really an alien civilization in the universe? In fact, there is no doubt that most scientists believe that there are alien civilizations.

The reason why human beings haven’t discovered the existence of alien civilization is mainly due to the relatively backward human science and technology. We can’t get out of the solar system now. Even if there is an alien civilization in the solar system, we can’t find it. Astronomical telescopes can let us see distant galaxies and spheres, but we can’t find spaceships or other human creations of alien civilization unless there is an alien civilization The man-made objects are very huge, reaching the level of a star, and may be discovered by astronomical telescopes.

Before human beings have the ability to walk out of the solar system, does it mean that they can’t find the trace of alien civilization? Of course not. Although we can’t find the man-made objects of alien civilization, the signal may be received. This is also the hope for scientists to explore and search for extraterrestrial civilization, for which China’s heavenly eye was built.

With a single aperture diameter of 500 meters, China’s sky eye is the largest radio telescope in the world at present. Its sensitivity and exploration range are also the strongest in the world. It can receive the radio electromagnetic signals from 13.7 billion light-years away at the farthest distance. This capability is amazing. Its power is amazing to people all over the world. Since its operation in 2015, China Tianyan has detected 59 high-quality pulsar candidates for human beings, of which 44 have been certified.

China’s Tianyan will be accepted in 2019, and its real task – searching for signals of extraterrestrial civilization will be launched at the same time. In recent years, China’s Tianyan is only in the testing stage, and it is only a small test. Its powerful and real task has not really started yet. Next year is the time for it to play its powerful role. China’s heavenly eye has joined the search for extraterrestrial life and civilization, which shows that China has begun to pay attention to the search for extraterrestrial civilization.

With the great power of China’s sky eye, it can receive electromagnetic signals from 13.7 billion light-years away. As long as the search direction is not too big, then any suspicious signals in the universe will be detected by the sky eye. Why do scientists search for cosmic radio electromagnetic signals as an important way to search for extraterrestrial civilization? In fact, this is also very easy to understand.

Just imagine, as long as the alien civilization enters the road of scientific and technological development, it must be inseparable from the development of communication. Moreover, the more powerful civilization, especially the civilization that has entered the planet, it is inseparable from radio communication. As long as there is communication, the signal will naturally spread to the universe, and the propagation speed of radio signal can at least reach the speed of light, so it is possible to be received.

In addition to this unintentional spread of alien civilization radio signal, there is another kind of signal is directional signal, that is, alien civilization is also searching for other civilizations. At the same time, alien civilization has also found the existence of the solar system and the blue planet earth. However, due to the distance, and it is not sure whether the earth has intelligent life, so alien civilization is heading for the earth Send a strong directional electromagnetic signal to the earth, which has strong energy and correct direction. Once such a signal is found, it will be found in time. Then scientists will crack the signal to determine whether there is an alien civilization and its possible location and direction.

However, some people think that this is only a theoretical inference, and it is still unknown whether the alien civilization uses wireless communication technology that is similar to that of human beings. If the radio communication technology used by the alien civilization is totally different from that of human beings, we can not understand the signal of this communication mode. Even if such a signal spreads in the universe, the Chinese heavenly eye may not have any I can’t find it.

This kind of situation naturally exists, and the more powerful a civilization is, the more advanced its mode of communication may be. In our opinion, the speed of wireless electromagnetic signal is the speed of light, but we all know that in the vast universe, the speed of light is only the basic speed, not how fast it is. If an alien civilization has developed to the interstellar stage and can travel freely to other galaxies, the communication mode of this civilization will be very advanced, and the speed may exceed the speed of light. Whether we can understand this signal is still unknown.

The communication modes we understand are electromagnetic, and more advanced are quantum communication, antimatter, dark matter, and even more complex concepts of space and time. If the alien civilization has been applied to this signal mode, even if the heavenly eye can receive them, we can not crack them, we can only regard them as suspected alien civilization signals.

Of course, the number of extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe can not be everywhere, but the number is absolutely large. Even if extraterrestrial life is born with a very small probability among countless earth like planets, the number of extraterrestrial civilizations is also a huge number. With the development of so many alien civilizations, there must be a radio communication mode similar to that used by human beings. As long as the Chinese heavenly eye can receive such signals, the probability of cracking them is still very high.

In fact, it is not difficult for China’s celestial eye to search for radio electromagnetic signals in the universe. It may be able to search for a lot of electromagnetic signals in a year, and it will also search for many suspicious signals. But the most difficult thing is to crack the suspicious signals. Only when we crack them can we know whether they are signals of alien civilization. Otherwise, we will not get anything. In any case, next year, China’s heavenly eye will officially begin to search for signals of extraterrestrial civilization. We look forward to its wonderful performance and realize the contact between human beings and extraterrestrial civilization as soon as possible.

Guys, do you think the Chinese sky eye will search for signs of alien civilization? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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