China’s heavenly eye receives a mysterious signal, 1300 light-years away from us. Are aliens calling?

In order to find the existence of extraterrestrial life and explore the mysteries of the universe, scientists have also developed a variety of equipment for our use. China Electronic sky eye is one of them. It is the largest single aperture radio telescope in the world at present. It took 22 years to build and was finally completed in 2016. It can receive any signal from outer space and capture some stars Information between balls.

Since ancient times, the exploration of extraterrestrial civilization has never stopped, because people are eager to know whether there are aliens in the world. In fact, when the Chinese sky eye was first put into use, it intercepted cosmic signals. It is said that the discovery of aliens by the sky eye has been confirmed.

The completion of China’s heavenly eye can be said to be proud of China. It can also be used to find the existence of aliens. By receiving some radio waves to find the existence of some life, the Chinese people can also contribute to China within three years after the completion of the project. This seems to be a signal to find aliens.

During this period, China’s sky eye has been receiving radio waves from deep space. The wavelength is very long, the shortest is 1 mm, and the length is more than 100 kilometers. This surprised scientists, because they have received different signals from deep space for more than 1300 light years.

In the process of monitoring the signal, it is found that the signal has good regularity. Different from the general pulsar signal, this signal is studied and analyzed in detail. Many people think that this is an alien. In order not to let humans on other planets find them, they add some regular signals to the signal, which is a kind of protection for themselves to prevent other creatures from finding and invading.

The Chinese sky eye has received a signal from deep space. Is it an alien? It’s just a guess. Of course, we still can’t know what the real alien signal is. We can only regard it as an alien signal for the time being.

Since the birth of the eye of heaven in China, it has received wide attention all over the world. Chinese films have made great progress from mysterious signals 13.7 billion years ago to 42 pulsars today. China’s heavenly eye receives regular signals from the depths of the universe. Are they aliens? But others are opposed to China building an eye like Hawking’s.

They believe that if we have the ability to fight against aliens, if we can’t fight against aliens, the invasion of alien territory may trigger a war of the century, which may bring fatal disaster to human beings at a lower level of civilization. Just as Columbus discovered the new world, human civilization will no longer exist, and the earth will become the home of aliens. Therefore, looking for aliens may not be a good thing for us, but the noise of Chinese movies can help us find these signals and monitor things outside the earth to protect the earth.

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