China’s infrastructure is on fire again! A world-class bridge was launched by rocket, which attracted many countries to follow suit

As we all know, China’s infrastructure technology has been recognized by all countries in the world. Many problems in the world have been solved in our hands, so that the project can proceed normally.

For this reason, they have given us the title of “infrastructure fanatics”. It’s not that China’s infrastructure is on fire again!

A rocket is used to launch a world-class bridge, attracting many countries to follow suit.

The rocket built bridge is the Sidu river bridge built in Hubei Province. It is China’s first large suspension bridge in mountainous areas. The bridge is 1100 meters long and 24.5 meters wide.

On both sides are high mountain cliffs, more than 560 meters away from the bottom of the valley, which is equivalent to the height of 200 multi-storey buildings. Because of the dangerous terrain, the construction of the bridge brought great difficulties to the construction team.

After all, according to the traditional mode of transportation, each group needs 5 to 10 people to transport the bridge, and the steel cable is too heavy, any negligence will cause casualties.

Therefore, a project manager at that time suggested using weapons to launch transport cables and using rockets to transport cables through bridges over 1000 meters.

When this method was first proposed, many people thought it was a bit unrealistic, but it took only 3.6 seconds to complete. As a result, China became the first country in the world to build bridges with rockets, attracting 23 countries to follow suit.

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