China’s satellite has taken a picture of a “vision” over the earth. Is Maya’s prediction true?

With the development of human space industry, our exploration steps have got rid of the earth and gone to a wider universe. With the help of advanced detectors and satellites, we can also see the real earth. We often say that the earth is a blue planet. When astronauts go to the moon, they will feel a little afraid when they look back at the blue earth. The environment in the universe is too dark and quiet.

What happened to the earth?

The development of science is not perfect, we enjoy great convenience at the same time, the earth’s environment is also facing serious threats. With the unrestrained exploitation of human beings, more and more natural disasters come to the heads of various countries. Today’s earth environment is not as good as before. What worries scientists is that some time ago, China’s satellite took such a picture. The earth has changed, and it seems that it is no longer blue. Many people are shocked when they see this picture. Is Maya’s prediction coming true?

It turned out that China’s satellite captured such a picture, the blue planet was covered with a gray veil. The proportion of oceans on the earth is as high as 70%. In our cognition, the earth has always been blue. Today, the blue planet has become gray blue, and it seems dead and no longer dazzling in the universe. It’s only 10 years. Why has the earth’s environment changed so much?

The change of the earth

In fact, the culprit is human beings themselves. Since human beings entered the industrial age, although heavy industry has been greatly developed, the atmosphere has been damaged. As a result, a large amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are emitted, the content of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is more and more, and the global temperature continues to rise. Even the coldest north and south poles can not escape this knot Bureau. With the massive melting of glaciers, methane and other greenhouse gases hidden under glaciers are also released, which to some extent accelerates the vicious circle of greenhouse effect.

Is the Mayan prophecy coming true?

Especially since 2020, this phenomenon has become more obvious. Scientists have also proposed that if we do not restrain our own behavior, the earth’s environment will change irreversibly. The Mayans once predicted that the world would end in 2012. Of course, this did not come true. Some people put forward different views. In fact, the end of the world predicted by the Mayans is 2020. There are so many natural disasters this year, which may be the precursor of the end.

The probability of natural disasters in 2020 is indeed much higher than that in previous years, but Xiaobian thinks it has little to do with the end of the world. In the final analysis, it is all the result of human suffering. If we continue to damage the earth’s environment, then the earth’s blue light may really dim down.

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