China’s sky eye tracks mysterious radio waves and discovers a pulsar again

The universe is vast. No one knows where the edge of the universe is? Maybe the universe itself has no boundaries. There are many mysterious stars in the universe. At present, people can only observe the stars deep in the universe through astronomical telescopes. For example, the Hubble Space Telescope of the United States has provided a lot of valuable information for world scientists to study the universe in the past century.

Naturally, China is not willing to lag behind in space exploration. In 2016, China’s 500 meter aperture, the world’s largest radio telescope, China’s heavenly eye, was officially launched. Since its inception, Tianyan has discovered many planets and other celestial bodies in the universe, especially the mysterious pulsars. In China, Tianyan has discovered 11 stars, and another 40 are waiting for the identification of scientists.

On March 13, a short time ago, according to the National Astronomical Observatory of China, the 500 meter spherical radio telescope independently developed by China made a new discovery. Five pulsars were discovered again in the universe within 16000 light-years from the earth. This once again surprised the world’s space researchers at the strength of China’s eye.

At present, the “sky eye” is still in the process of debugging. Scientific and technological experts need to test and adjust many scientific problems that have never been before. Through continuous running in, the detection function of the sky eye can be maximized. Every time the eye scans the universe, it takes about 20 days. The five pulsars discovered this time were also discovered during the scanning process.

Pulsars are spinning neutron stars. Pulsars were first discovered in 1967. At that time, bell, a female graduate student, discovered that there was a star in the constellation fox that would emit a periodic wave. After careful analysis, scientists believe that this is an unknown celestial body. Because this kind of star continuously emits electromagnetic pulse signal, it is named pulsar.

As we all know, celestial bodies in the universe generally do not send out radio automatically. To observe other galaxies or planets in the universe, we must use advanced telescopes. But there is an exception: pulsars, which automatically send out very regular radio signals. Including the visible X-ray, and this kind of radio signal can be received by human beings, which was once thought by scientists to be the signal sent by extraterrestrials. We were very excited, but after analysis, we found that it was originally the pulsar, so most of the cosmic radio signals received by our earth were sent by pulsars.

Pulsars can rotate at high speed, and send out regular radio signals and X-rays in the process of rotation. It is the beacon in the universe. Too dazzling, think about sailing in the universe, surrounded by a dark, only the distant pulsar shining, many times, the pulsar is a landmark in the universe.

What is a pulsar? Now there is no unified answer in the scientific community. After all, we can’t go close to observe. It’s too far away. Some scientists think that it may be the constant energy flow emitted by the planet. Some extraterrestrial life researchers believe that pulsars may be the home of intelligent life in the universe or the signal tower built by intelligent life. What’s the truth? Only science can crack it.

In the field of basic physics, China’s sky eye is responsible for the irreplaceable space and celestial body laboratory. In addition to eavesdropping on the movement of the universe, it can also help human activities in the universe to provide accurate positioning and navigation. There is also an important task for the eye of heaven, which is to search for extraterrestrial intelligent life. The universe is too big, the existence of extraterrestrial life is certain, and aliens may also exist. Some mysterious celestial bodies or phenomena in the universe may be created by aliens, but our current technology is just out of the universe, and it is far away from the real exploration of the universe, but I believe there are some With the help of the eye of heaven, we will be able to learn more about the universe and provide a strong guarantee for future human exploration.

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