China’s technology is leading the world, but few people know about the confession of a certain star

On September 28 this year, Yuan Longping successfully cultivated “sea water rice” with a maximum yield of 620.95 kg per mu, which means that our future agricultural production is not only limited to black land, but also the transformation of the sea into mulberry field is no longer a myth. But that’s not what Xiaobian is going to say today.

On October 16 last month, an exciting news, China’s “father of hybrid rice” Yuan Longping set another world record. The average yield per mu is 1149.02 kg, or 17.2 tons per hectare. It has created the latest and highest record of rice yield in the world. You should still remember what a big food problem Yuan Longping solved for China with his own efforts. What he solved was the food problem of the whole Chinese people. But that’s not what Xiaobian is going to say today.

Recently, at the 2017 National Exhibition of new rice varieties and new technologies (referred to as the parents’ meeting), Yuan Longping announced that the technology of cadmium removal from rice parents has made a major breakthrough!

What is cadmium removal technology for rice parents?

Yuan Longping eliminated the genes that contain cadmium and those that absorb cadmium from rice parents, so that the grain we eat in the future will not contain heavy metals. (rice is the largest grain crop with the strongest cadmium uptake, and its cadmium level is second only to lettuce. It can be said that cadmium pollution is the most serious type of heavy metal pollution in rice.)

In areas with serious industrial pollution, heavy metal elements are often spread along with crops. A seed planted in a heavy industrial area naturally contains pollution, but Yuan Longping’s technology makes rice no longer contain cadmium or cadmium. We have all learned about the painful diseases in Japan in textbooks. That is because of excessive heavy metal element “cadmium”. Excessive cadmium will not only cause painful diseases, but also chondropathy and cancer. Every year, we release about 30000 tons of cadmium, 82% – 94% of which will go into the soil.

At present, Yuan Longping’s technology is ahead of the world.

In fact, we should let the whole world know such a significant news. However, just in those days, because the public opinion of some stars was blown up, Yuan Longping’s news could not be brushed out at all. This is the pain of the scientific community, isn’t it?

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